About us

Owner – Adam Walford – @cavey007 @TouchdownTips 

I’m a longtime NFL follower, but have properly nerded it up over the last few years through TV, internet and podcasts, that I felt my knowledge was pretty substantial. I also like a bet a little too much and realised that with the growth of the game over here there might be some prices to exploit and take advantage of. So I figured the next logical step would be to set up a site to let others know about this and hopefully earn us all a little bit more cash.

General Manager – James Hatton – @jayhatton49  

He’s a 49ers fan, and NFL fanatic, very knowledgeable chap, and he’ll be doing write ups of all the matches that I don’t cover from a fantasy point of view. Betting and Fantasy football overlap more than you may realise, they’re both about taking advantage of matchups on a weekly basis, and picking players on the up, or who have an advantage. So even if you’re not a Fantasy football player then read his write ups as I will link to them with bets and you may find some gold that I’ve overlooked.

Head Coach – Andy Baker – @andybnfl 

Maths genius and Defensive coach for the @DerbyBraves – His masters in Maths got in the way last year and distracted him slightly. Now that’s out of the way he should be able to contribute more in the coming season, he’s arguably the smartest bloke I know, and his opinions are always valued on NFL.

So the site was set up by myself as a place for me to share some tips, I’ve followed a few very good football (soccer) tipsters for a while and thought I could do that for NFL, help some people make some more money. But with such a short season (relatively) I wondered what to do over the long dry summer months, so I figured we’d take it in that direction and keep ourselves busy by doing any and all NFL content. So we’re going to branch out slightly into articles and pieces about the game and see how it all goes.

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