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Ok, so I’m reluctant to do this, and it’s definitely not a begging plea. But if you like the site, and win money from the tips we post and want to show your thanks then you can donate to our Paypal link. I will not pester or push this page, it will be there in the menu if you ever think we have helped earn you some beer tokens.

The only financial outlay we have had to provide so far on the site has been for the domain name and the hosting, so not a huge amount, (although I would like to go ad-free in the future, but that costs a fair bit more per month!) But we put in a lot of hours to bring you the info and the odds that are on here.

Personally I (Adam) put in around 3 hours on a Sunday morning doing the Sunday write ups (looking around for odds on specific players I have noted during the week and doing the whole match prediction thing.), an hour or so for each of the Monday and Thursday matches. While listening to about 4 hours of podcasts a day during the week and keeping my ear to the ground on twitter throughout the week. That way I can get the best prices and the latest news that bookmakers over here may have missed, and achieve some of the value picks that I manage to get.

Jay does a similar amount on the write ups for the other games on Sundays as well as his other fantasy articles when he does those during the weeks.

I also have it on good authority that our points profit last year was better than other sites who charge £100 for the season for their tips (as well as £75 for the Superbowl alone), and don’t offer half as much as we do, and don’t give you the knowledge I like to think we provide. I was recently messaged with this “I don’t think there’s an nfl tipster around close to you and way you do things” which I thought was great praise and something that made the hard work worthwhile (along with the winnings of course)

Jay and I do this as much as anything else to keep ourselves entertained and get the mental juices flowing. So again, I won’t push for any donations, but if you feel like we’ve earnt a couple of pints then anything will be greatly received.

Alternatively if you don’t want to give us cash as you don’t want to feel like you’re paying for tips, then if you win and are feeling good then donate to the Haemophilia society. It’s something that is close to our hearts, and they need all the support they can get. –




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