What’s better than season-long fantasy football?! – Doing it fresh every single week, that’s what, and that’s exactly what DraftKings allows you to do.

Did you miss out on that key man in your draft, did some sneaky bastard take him 2 picks in front of you after you’d waited for 20 picks knowing exactly who you wanted? Well by playing daily fantasy over on Draftkings you get to create your roster each and every week and win some cold hard cash doing it.

Did you draft Tyreek Hill, Andrew Luck and Melvin Gordon?! Well, worry no more.

What do I do?

Each game-day you get $50,000 dollars to fill your roster consisting of QB, 2 x RBs, 3 x WRs, TE, FLEX and a D/ST.


If you’ve played any season long fantasy before then you’ll be used to the scoring format, it’s full PPR, 4pts for a passing TD, -1 for Interceptions, 6 points for rushing and receiving TDs, the usual kind of stuff that you’ll encounter on most fantasy platforms.

What are these game types about?

You’ll probably be looking at either GPP (Guaranteed prize pool) or 50/50s. – GPP’s are the big ones, the $1,000,000 dollar top prizes, the huge amount of entries. The key to doing well in these is picking the players which are going to do well, but aren’t likely to be owned by others to gain yourself an advantage.

50/50s pay out to the top half of the entrants, so while you need the upside players, it’s also important to play it safe and take some guys with a good solid floor. In PPR, you’re looking at slot receivers really, the guys who get 7 catches for 50 yards kind of thing.

Players are able to set up their own leagues, I run a weekly league with 20 entrants, paying out to the top 3.

If you want to focus on one game, or play on a MNF or TNF game-day then you can choose a Showdown match, pick 6 of any player/position you want within the budget to get the best score. The differentiator in these matches are the “Captain” slot which costs, and pays out at 1.5x.

You can also play “Tier” games. I actually seem to do pretty well on them, I won $1400 from $4 last year playing a Tier game. Instead of getting a budget you get to choose 1 player from each tier to create your roster. Quick and easy.

How do I join?

If you don’t have an account sign up now for a $10 bonus when you sign up

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You can then join my league – JOIN LEAGUE and you’ll join the league I have setup and get first go at any contest that I set up each week. Last year each week we had a $5 entry contest, with the top 3 getting paid – First place $45, Second $27 and Third getting $18.


This year I’ll be looking at having that contest alongside either a smaller cost, higher entry, or higher cost smaller entry contest depending on what people want.

If you haven’t got an account then signup now! Deposit a minimum of $5 and you’ll be funded for my weekly contest!

Anything else?

Well if you’re like me and like to have a bit of a gamble on all sports then you’re in luck, there’s soccer leagues every EPL matchday, they have all the Champions league games available as either Classics or Showdown matches.

There’s Golf if you read a few tipsters, don’t want to back them outright you can build a roster of golfers for yourself, I’ve done this to keep myself interested in the Open, the Masters etc… you can cheaply build your knowledge of other sports and keep yourself interested in them while you do it!

Like a bit of MLB, NBA, Tennis, Nascar, League of Legends, College, Canadian Football, MLS?! They’ve got it all.

They’ve also recently started a reward scheme to earn yourself free entries into competitions which is great as well.

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