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I have only just realised this page hasn’t been updated for 2021.

One of my aims when I started the blog was to be completely transparent, and I think logging everything on a spreadsheet to show wins, and unfortunately too many losses is the best way to go about that, I also like to think I respond honestly and quickly on twitter, I have a few regulars on there who give me some cracking feedback on DMs each week and some requests for advice. I know for a fact we have earnt some people a substantial amount of money some weeks which frankly blew me away a little!

Please find the 2021 Profit/Loss Spreadsheet here – 2021 P/L Sheet – TDTips

2020 Profit/Loss Spreadsheet now viewable here – Profit/Loss for TDTips

We finished the regular season last year, with a minute profit. The playoffs went quite well taking us up to 20 points of profit.

The Superbowl ended with a loss of 6 points. Over did it on player props – 14.15 points profit on the season as a whole.

2019 Spreadsheet is here and up to date – 2019 Weekly P/L spreadsheet

Spreadsheet to 2018 is available here – 2018 Weekly

2017 – This years tips are recorded – here – season longs and here – weekly I recommend downloading and using the spreadsheet to keep track of your bets during the season. I have now joined the modern world by using google drive so it’s far easier for me to update the spreadsheet whenever I want to.

Unfortunately for new followers you have probably missed the prices on the season longs as a lot of them have come in considerably. The reasoning can be found on the BETS selection on the menu bar on site. Full write ups of our reasoning behind each and every bet.

2016 – So this is how we finished the year… Weekly – As you can see, we finished on a fairly decent 230 points (near enough) from our original 100 points bankroll. For my first season logging it, and giving out a little advice, I’m pretty damn happy with that. I know site that charge £75 a season for less profit than that! – Add to that the 45 points profit from the Season long bets I recommended and you’re looking at nearly 175 points profit. At £5 a point, that’s £875 profit. (As it was my first go this year I was a more reasonable £1 a point in general… just in case I proved myself a complete failure at it)

Lifetime profit is around 170 points

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