Happy Turkey Day!! – #Skol @ #OnePride, #Chargers @ #DallasCowboys, #GiantsPride @ #HTTR

Ah thanks giving, the day that the yanks give thanks for all they've got, get together, sit down have a turkey dinner, WITH STUFFING (apparently that's a once a year thing over there) and then get pissed up and watch football all evening. For this side of the pond, well, some of us partake in... Continue Reading →


Week 10 – SNF – Briefs and Tips. #SaluteToService

A couple of good days in a row, 11 points profit from them, which we will hopefully carry into the big day on Sunday night. If you do win anything this weekend please spare a moment to consider donating to the Royal British Legion on remembrance Sunday -┬áDonate if you wish to do so, I... Continue Reading →

Week 9 previews – Hopefully bets following later

Nice 3/1 winner on TNF for us in another week that most people got wrong. Maybe worth avoiding TNF completely forever... Seems to be all home teams recently, but surely it'll be Seattle next week?! - So I've got a busy weekend, I am hoping for a little time on Sunday morning to get some... Continue Reading →

TNF – Week 9 – #GoBills @ #Jets – 0025 (1 hour earlier than normal!)

This is going to be a busy week and weekend for me this week, so i'll be keeping the write ups short, and basically just using the ones I do for the OLBG expert blog, with added anytime scorers. It's the mother in laws 60th birthday so won't have a huge amount of time over... Continue Reading →

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