Week 17 – Now with a few anytime TDs!

Some of these games are near impossible to judge as we won't really know who's playing in each team! It's week 17 and the reason that most fantasy leagues don't run this long is that a lot of teams rest their starters when the final week hit. They know there's nothing to play for and... Continue Reading →

SNF – Week 16

So last week went well! In fact other than the Saturday matches, I ran the table on moneyline which would have given an over 150/1 winner had you been crazy enough to back them all! I wouldn't expect that to happen this week obviously as it's not an easy thing to do and it was... Continue Reading →

Post 200! Saturday night football! – #DaBears @ #OnePride and #Chargers @ #ChiefsKingdom

So, as expected the Thursday night super-clash between the Broncos and the Colts by all accounts was not the most entertaining encounter and I'm glad I avoided tipping anything on it as the one thing I was looking at was Chester Rogers to get some yards. He finished with 0-0 from 3 targets. I had... Continue Reading →

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