MNF – Packers @ Eagles

And so comes the end of the thanksgiving weekend, games, and what a week it's been for our tips. After accruing 34 points of profit on Thursday, We hit 8/15 yesterday, for, I believe another 17pts profit, to take us to 51pts for the far, (Both early handicaps hit, and obviously the double on... Continue Reading →


Week 12 televised tips and write ups – @touchdownTips

First of all, a thank you to @cornersbychris and @thetippingtimes on twitter for giving me a bit of promotion over the last couple off weeks, I'm sure quite a few people reading this would have stumbled on it from them retweeting, and Thursdays post got the most views we've had barring the Superbowl last year,... Continue Reading →

Week 12 preview and fantasy outlook – @jayhatton49

After a week off from writing (thanks boss) I find myself excited to get back previewing the weeks games but oddly a bit tentative. Adam has been riding a bit of a hot streak so hopefully I can continue the trend. Before we get started, I tip my hat to the thanksgiving teams this year.... Continue Reading →

Turkey Thursday! – 3 games – @touchdowntips

So, Monday didn't go to plan, again, Latavius Murray was stopped at the half yard to deny the nap again. Brock was actually better than expected, but couldn't give Hopkins over 70 yards, so that was good for us. CJ Fed led the team in catches, but no TD. Oh well, it's another week, and... Continue Reading →

MNF – Texans at Raiders – @touchdowntips

Hola amigo, ayer podría haber sido mucho mejor, pero todavía terminó con ganancias! - We finished the night with 4 pts profit, one of the benefits of quite a few of the winners being around 2/1, i'm still gutted that Blount didn't get in the end zone, well... didn't get in without one of his... Continue Reading →

Week 11 – Televised tips and write ups – @touchdownTips

I really hope we have some winners with the amount of effort-ing I've done this weekend! Hopefully you've all had a nose at the weekly write ups usually done by @jayhatton49 but this week i've gone through all of the matches for the weekend and done a little on each, I'll admit, as much as... Continue Reading →

TNF – Week 11 – Saints @ Panthers – @TouchdownTips

So Monday night saw us get back to winnings ways, hitting 3 of the 4 touchdown scorers I tipped. They weren't insightful, or anything that no-one else could of seen, but that's what I needed, get back to basics and build some bank. Beckham at 10/11 and AJ Green at Evens, unfortunately Tyler Eifert didn't... Continue Reading →

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