Novelty Superbowl Punts!

Ok, first off, this is of course all a little tongue-in-cheek, a little bit of fun before I put my proper post out, hopefully on Friday night. If you haven't already have a look at the Superbowl comp I'm running. And sign up to Redzone to enter their £1,000,000 Superbowl comp as well I have... Continue Reading →

Superbowl LIII Competition time

As I'm a lovely bloke I thought it would be nice to get a competition going for the Superbowl with a little prize going to the winner, not quite a jersey of choice, I'm not made of money (especially after last weekend) but a stylised print of the player of your choice, current of historical,... Continue Reading →

AFC Championship preview – NE Patriots @ KC Chiefs – #GoPats v #ChiefsKingdom

If you haven't already then the NFC Preview is here - NFC Preview Where I've listed the yardages I've given the lowest and highest available from Paddypower, Bet365, Skybet, William Hill and Redzone. I'm sure other books have player props but these are the ones I use most commonly and it takes a while to... Continue Reading →

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