MNF Week 8 – Vikings at Bears – @TouchdownTips

What a game at Wembley! The second draw in a week and I can tell you now my throat is killing me from all the shouting. I'm working on a short write up for the site, so i'll chuck that up tomorrow when i'm finished with it and not mention too much more about it... Continue Reading →

Week 8 televised tips and shorter write up – @TouchdownTips

Some of you may be relieved, and some of you may be upset by this, but it won't be my usual write ups this week, i'm off to the match on Sunday, which means I won't have my usual few hours on a Sunday morning to write this sections, so apologies, but i'll skim through... Continue Reading →

Week 7 televised write up and tips – @TouchdownTips

Hopefully you saw the Twickenham write up that I put up last night, if not tips below... Giants by 7-12pts – 9/2 (skybet) Giants win, Beckham anytime, o36.5pts – 3/1 (hate to tip this as it’s apparently a FootyAccums special, however, it seems pretty good, although pretty short odds)(skybet) Beckham 2 or more – 15/2... Continue Reading →

Week 7 – Twickenham – Rams v Giants – @TouchdownTips

So the international series makes it's first visit to the home of Rugby, and it looks stunning ( , given the choice I'd of much preferred my Bengals to be playing here than Wembley, but oh well, my trip there next week won't be any less amazing. This matchup, kicking off at 1430 GMT tomorrow... Continue Reading →

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