Week 7 – SNF – Previews and betting tips #NFL100

So the Chiefs wound up easy winners on Thursday but the main news of the night was them losing Patrick Mahomes for at least 3 weeks, possibly for the season should the MRI come back badly for him *update: apparently it's as good as they could have hoped for*. As someone who is currently dealing... Continue Reading →


Week 7 – TNF – KC Chiefs @ Denver Broncos; #ChiefsKingdom #BroncosCountry #NFL100

Despite not officially picking anything on Monday I called it fairly well, I said I wasn't sure how it would go, who would win and it finished in a 1 point win for the Packers. The most confident I was in anything was Jamaal Williams overs and I mentioned his price (although I didn't think... Continue Reading →

Week 6 – TNF – New York Giants @ New England Patriots; #GiantsPride #GoPats #NFL100

If you've been visiting my page for a while you're probably used to long, opinionated, rambling previews on every game. I don't think that will happen tonight though. BRING BACK ELI! He's the only man who can beat the Patriots against seemingly unbeatable odds! - This is a rematch of Superbowls 42 and 46, both... Continue Reading →

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