Suggested team records for next season, O/U (well, before Free agency anyway)

So as I mentioned in the previous post, Steve Fezzik - @FezzikSports (2 time winner of the Superbowl of sports betting) took the plunge and posted what he believed to be the wins/losses for all the teams for next season, let's take a look at them. ( - Also on the Ross Tucker even money... Continue Reading →


A very very early look towards next years Superbowl (yes really.)

So this is ridiculously early. But i wanted to get something down, as much for me to record what i was thinking at this time of the off seasons as anything else. Free agency is pretty much wrapped up. There's a few big name RBs still looking for teams. Jamaal Charles and AP are floating... Continue Reading →

Free Agency Roundup – @TouchdownTips

It's been 4 days since the NFL equivalent of the transfer window opened, and wow, what a hectic few days it has been! It all began at the start of last week when "legal tampering" a weird (oxymoron americanism) window opened, allowing teams to talk to players contracted to other teams and let them know... Continue Reading →

Under the Hat – Fantasy 2016 Review. Wide Receivers @jayhatton49

So in the final part of this series of posts, the wide receiver. Much of this season was actually a disappointment for the position. Only 3 receivers scored 200 or more points which was the lowest since 2012 and only 4 players recorded 1000 yards and 10 TDs which was the lowest since 2011. The... Continue Reading →

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