Week 8 briefs and tips

3 of 5 winning bets on Thursday night for a couple of points profit, can't moan about that really Remember that if you're watching from the UK that games kick off an hour earlier than usual!!! 1330 for the Wembley game, 1700 for the usual 1800 games and 2005 and 2025 for the later ones.... Continue Reading →

TNF Week 8 – Miami Dolphins @ Houston Texans – #FinsUp v #Texans

I am back after a weekend off, I would say time to recoup and reorganise after not such a great season so far, but that's not exactly the truth, I was at the Titans v Chargers game at Wembley on Sunday so didn't have the time to put the work in for the previews and... Continue Reading →

TNF – Indianapolis Colts @ New England Patriots – #Colts vs #GoPats

Colts (+10.5) @ Patriots: Total - 51.5 Will Indy have some Luck? Will Hines add some variety? Will New England be all White on the night? Can Hogan finally go full Hulk? Will Ryan Grant them the W? Will Chester be Roman free in the secondary? Will Gordon flash? You'll like this next one... Can Pascal program... Continue Reading →

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