#NFLDraft – Quick review and Day Two look

Well, that was a long night, the Bengals not even on the clock until 115am, and then taking a good 8 mins or so to make the pick that everyone in the world knew they were making anyway, I hope it was for TV, but still frustrating. The whole thing wrapped up around 530am in... Continue Reading →

My Draft bets run-down. #NFLDraft

After the WR post last week I had intended on doing a couple more posts a little more in-depth, but time got away from me, and frankly I wasn't really feeling it and I wasn't really confident in anything at all. There's been a few posts going around about how little information is about and... Continue Reading →

Superbowl time! San Francisco 49ers @ Kansas City Chiefs; #GoNiners v #ChiefsKingdom

Cover image by the magnificent @GCHaggis on twitter. It's here! It's the big one, the pinnacle, the zenith, the culmination, the... climax...  of 266 games of football. 32 teams entered, only 2 teams remain. The San Francisco 49ers from the NFC and the Kansas City Chiefs from the AFC. The 49ers were the top seed... Continue Reading →

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