Superbowl LIII Competition time

As I'm a lovely bloke I thought it would be nice to get a competition going for the Superbowl with a little prize going to the winner, not quite a jersey of choice, I'm not made of money (especially after last weekend) but a stylised print of the player of your choice, current of historical,... Continue Reading →


AFC Championship preview – NE Patriots @ KC Chiefs – #GoPats v #ChiefsKingdom

If you haven't already then the NFC Preview is here - NFC Preview Where I've listed the yardages I've given the lowest and highest available from Paddypower, Bet365, Skybet, William Hill and Redzone. I'm sure other books have player props but these are the ones I use most commonly and it takes a while to... Continue Reading →

NFC Championship preview – LA Rams @ NO Saints – #RamsHouse v #GoSaints

AFC Championship game preview - HERE An update on last weekend, I put up 2 official ones on the Sunday, didn't have time to get into the NFC game properly, the 2 on the Patriots v Chargers game both won, the James White one was especially easy, and I can't imagine him being at 4.5... Continue Reading →

Divisional Weekend – Sunday Games!

Well, last night didn't go to plan, the Colts were blown out by the Chiefs, yet despite trailing seemed intent on running the ball with Marlon Mack for the entire game instead of handing it over to their rookie pass catching back who has looked explosive when he's played. Weird game all round that one.... Continue Reading →

Divisional Round Weekend – The best weekend of the year! (Saturday games)

I actually thought I had a far better weekend than it turned out to be in the end, finished up 2.5 points or so over the weekend, but after 4 out of 6 on the Colts game it seemed like it should have gone a lot better and in the end Dallas Goedert earnt us... Continue Reading →

Wildcard Weekend – Sunday Games!

LA Chargers (+3) @ Baltimore Ravens: 41.5 Another regular season re-match, and one that took place quite recently in LA with the Ravens coming out on top on that occasion. I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing for either team in all fairness. It seems pretty obvious what the Ravens... Continue Reading →

Wildcard Weekend! Saturday night previews

Colts (+1) @ Texans: 48 Well, this line has come in! It opened with the Colts getting 2.5, I knew I should have taken my acca at the start of the week... These two split the series during the regular season, both games decided by 3 points, the first being the overtime debacle from Frank... Continue Reading →

Week 17 – There’s a lot to play for!

Somehow it's the final week of the season?! I haven't updated the spreadsheet in a few weeks, but think we're sitting in profit on the year, this week is particularly murky and unfortunately the bookies know it, Skybet especially are offering shocking odds on anytime scorers. This week is all about trying to figure out... Continue Reading →

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