A crash course in NFL betting

Hopefully there's a few new followers to the page, first of all welcome, I hope we do well and make some good money this year. Most important thing is to follow a staking plan - We recommend points as a stake instead of actual £ values. This is because everyone has a different budget. There's... Continue Reading →

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Week 3 briefs and tips!

Frustrating Thursday night, the write up contained quite a few winning bets, hopefully a few of you read it and got on things like Sam Darnold INTs, Browns on the Spread, Under on the total. Obviously I didn't but hey... at least the workings were there. On to week 3 and hopefully a better week... Continue Reading →

TNF – Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals – #Ravensflock v #SeizeTheDey

What. A. Week! I remember now why I love this game so much! I spent my Sunday evening watching gamepass, whisper it quietly, but... It worked (after a minute or so of loading) and the product was great, I had the Bengals game on main screen with Redzone in the corner, could swap and change... Continue Reading →

Monday Night Football – Jets @ Lions and Rams @ Raider – #Jets #Onepride #RaiderNation #LaRams

Before I get started, thank you to all the new followers over the past week, it's been crazy how quickly I've gone from 1,600 to over 2,000 and seemingly more every hour! I put a ton of work into these writeups and appreciate the thanks and other messages saying that they've enjoyed reading them! -... Continue Reading →

It’s finally here! – Falcons @ Eagles – #Inbrotherhood #FlyEaglesFly

It's been a long 7 months since we last had a proper NFL game to get our teeth into, a summer of rookie pickups, trades and injuries. We've made it through and this week welcomes the first of 21 consecutive Sunday nights with football! As always the Superbowl winners open the season and the Philadelphia... Continue Reading →

NFC East Preview

Finally the end to our season previews! You all wanted nearly 2,000 words for free on every division in the NFL right?! - AFC North preview AFC East preview AFC South preview AFC West preview NFC North preview NFC West Preview NFC South preview Personally, I think the NFC East is about as even as they come. The Eagles will be most... Continue Reading →

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