TouchdownTips Fantasy Guillotine League – AND MFL bestball leagues

Guillotine league! I floated this idea on my feed a few weeks back and had a fair bit of interest, so thought I'd try and get some ground-rules down on it. Feed back welcome... From what I can tell, I can set it all up on Fleaflicker easy enough. The Basics - We start with... Continue Reading →


Podcasts I listen to

I have had quite a few people asking what pods they should listen to, so figured I should do a little post on a bank holiday Monday with info on the ones I listen to, feel free to tweet/DM me with recommendations of others I should be listening to. A mix of fantasy, gambling and... Continue Reading →

A (probably) far too early look at a the markets available

There's already a whole bunch of markets out there on a few of the major sites which may be of interest if you need to get some NFL bets on. Obviously this far out there's a lot that can happen, one torn ACL in camp, a big performance from a rookie, a starting QB not... Continue Reading →

A little draft-talk and a look at the odds (spoiler alert – there’s not much good out there)

So after a couple of months of generally ignoring as much of the NFL as I could (I listen to about 20 hours of NFL podcasts a week during the season, and I could give a few great audiobook recommendations as they've been filling my ear-drums instead in recent weeks!) I've slowly been getting back... Continue Reading →

It’s Stupid-Superbowl-Prop bet time!

Ah the Superbowl, watched by approximately 175m Americans, stuffing their faces with chicken wings, cheap weak lager and popcorn. Settling down to not only watch the game, but to find out if they're going to be rolling in Benjamins when they find out who appeared with JT on stage and what colour hair Pink had... Continue Reading →

Superbowl LII – Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots #FlyEaglesFly #GoPats

The culmination of 266 games between 32 teams is here, and the two remaining teams give us a rematch of Superbowl 39, a game which the Patriots won 24-21, with of course Brady and Belichick leading them to that victory back in 2004. It was the 3rd win for them in 4 years a feat... Continue Reading →

Championship weekend – #Jaguars @ #GoPats, #SKOL @ #Eagles

The final games before the Superbowl in a fortnight, the pinnacle, the climax, the endpoint, the CRUCIBLE of the season. *nod to Mr. Hanzus* The divisional games didn't disappoint, in the NFC it took the first ever playoff walk off 61 yard TD for the Vikings to get past the Saints after the lead had... Continue Reading →

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