Week 17 Preview

  Greetings all. Due to technical difficulties (lack of a laptop and Christmas travelling) last week I didn't get a full preview of week 16 online. Sincere apologies to anyone that was waiting for it and it won't happen again. That being said I thoroughly enjoyed Christmas and I hope you all did too! The... Continue Reading →


Week 17 – Last week of the regular season – @TouchdownTips

So here it is, the end of the regular season, it's come around far too quickly, but there it is, first of all, a warning for anyone betting this weekend, it's a very tough weekend to call anything, so go easy on your stakes, no point getting yourself in the hole betting on a team... Continue Reading →

Week 16 tips and televised write ups – @TouchdownTips

What better way to spend Christmas eve than to ignore your family and settle down for 9 hours of televised football! Our TV will have redzone on in the background for the entirety of the evening, and much of Christmas Day evening as well, and hopefully there will be a few random outbursts of celebration... Continue Reading →

TNF – Week 16 – Giants at Eagles – @TouchdownTips

Well, here we are, just two weeks left of the regular season already, it's bloody flown by. First of all. thanks to all the new followers, and the msgs i've received off a few of you, when I started doing this in September, I was hoping for a couple of people to read it, and... Continue Reading →

MNF – Panthers at Redskins – @TouchdownTips

Well, well, well, after having a rare stinker last weekend, I simplified a little this week and lo and behold, we had a cracker! 6/10 landed, including the TV treble, at 5.88/1. Obviously the singles in that treble all landed, The Giants game was comfortably under, Siemian attempted 40 passes, and the Buccs v Dallas... Continue Reading →

Week 15 tips and televised write up – @TouchdownTips

So, i'm going to open the Kimono here, peek above the treetops, air it out... I have had very little sleep after going to the casino last night, and i'm feeling a little worse for wear... Although waking up to 3 out of 4 on last nights tips has made me feel a little better!... Continue Reading →

Thursday night football… on a Saturday…Dolphins at Jets – @TouchdownTips

First of all, if you can all go and have a read of my article on the London games announcement, that'd be great, took me a while, and it's the first proper piece i've done that wasn't betting related, so would like to get a lot of views for it, retweets would be great too... Continue Reading →

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