Under the Hat – Fantasy 2016 Review. Kickers and Defense @jayhatton49

So thanks to the extra point being pushed back, the kicker has been pushed back into relevancy again. It is costing a few kickers jobs but man they are at least important again. So many games this year were lost because kickers miss an extra point, even the Patriots in the Superbowl had a usually... Continue Reading →

Under the Hat – Fantasy 2016 Review. Tight Ends @jayhatton49

The tight end position has gone through much change over the years. As the position title sort of suggests, he fits on the end of the offensive line and is both a blocker and able to release off the line of scrimmage and catch passes. They have to have strength and footwork of a 300lb... Continue Reading →

Wow… Just… Wow. Superbowl Review

Where do you start after a game like that?! What an amazing end to the season. The list of records broken in that one game covers a whole sheet of A4,¬†https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C39rGd0VUAEKSOo.jpg - The biggest ones, I guess... Bellichek and Brady playing in their 7th, winning their 5th Superbowl ring. Brady breaking passing records all over... Continue Reading →

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