TNF – Week 13 – #HTTR @ #DallasCowboys

Washington Redskins (-1.5) at Dallas Cowboys - o/u - 47 Both of these teams played on Thanksgiving with very different results. The Redskins won easily against a poor Giants side, while the Cowboys further extended their streak without a TD to about 2 and a half hours! The Cowboys have been a stinking mess since Zeke was... Continue Reading →

Ante-post update – 5 games left! + 1 additional bet.

So we're near enough at the quarter-pole now, yes I'm a pedant and it's meant to be a quarter left, not gone. Well, the Bucs have shafted me, I, along with a lot of the media, misjudged them completely this year and I'm pretty sure that HC Dirk Koetter will be looking for a new... Continue Reading →

Happy Turkey Day!! – #Skol @ #OnePride, #Chargers @ #DallasCowboys, #GiantsPride @ #HTTR

Ah thanks giving, the day that the yanks give thanks for all they've got, get together, sit down have a turkey dinner, WITH STUFFING (apparently that's a once a year thing over there) and then get pissed up and watch football all evening. For this side of the pond, well, some of us partake in... Continue Reading →

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