Week 13 – TNF – New Orleans Saints @ Dallas Cowboys – #GoSaints v #DallasCowboys

New Orleans Saints (-7) @ Dallas Cowboys: Total - 51.5 Just over a touchdown? Hmmm, the Cowboys defense is good, they'll try and slow down the game, but I've got to think the Saints win by more than a touchdown? I'm convinced they were essentially resting their guys in game and Sean Payton was just... Continue Reading →

Week 12 – MNF – Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans – #TitanUp v #Texans

My goodness last night was frustrating from a betting POV, the big odds won, to cover the NAP and NB which both failed miserably but frustratingly. The Beckham one was especially annoying. The first half they were doing what they should do, targeting the battered Eagles secondary, just as I said, with 6 of their... Continue Reading →

Week 11! TNF – Green Bay Packers @ Seattle Seahawks – #GoPackGo v #Seahawks

Packers (+3) @ Seahawks: Total - 49 This is pretty much a "loser shames their families honour" kind of match. The winner remains (theoretically) in the wild card race, the loser is pretty much done for the season. It looks like the Packers finally realised what to do with Aaron Jones who most of the... Continue Reading →

TNF – Week 10 – Carolina Panthers @ Pittsburgh Steelers – #KeepPounding v #HereWeGo

Carolina Panthers (+3) @ Pittsburgh Steelers: Total - 51 A big big matchup for both of these team and their final records. The Steelers come in on a four game winning streak having dealt with the Ravens last week, the Panthers have 3 in a row now, but are much better at home, 5-0 there... Continue Reading →

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