Week 8 – Sunday game briefs and picks

Week 8, nearly halfway through the regular season! And yet t's still as tough to predict as week 1! It's been a crazy year. I'll try and have another look at the season long bets after this weekend to see how we're doing with them all, I think most are still in with a half-decent... Continue Reading →


International series game 4 – #Skol @ #Browns

The London games draw to a close this week after 3 blowouts in games that should have been competitive, one team in each game just hasn't shown up. It could potentially be a worry for teams coming over here in the future as all the coaches and owners talk to each other about it. I... Continue Reading →

International Series part 3 – #BeRedSeeRed vs #LARams @ Twickenham

London still hasn't had a game between two teams with winning records, but this is about as close as we've got. The Cardinals come in having won comfortably last week against the Buccs, they were 31-0 up in the blink of an eye to level their record on the season at 3-3. The Rams have... Continue Reading →

SNF – Week 7 – US Games

Tampa Bay at Buffalo Jameis Winston should be OK to start this game after injuring his shoulder last week. Despite them not having the best of starts to the season (their third consecutive year starting 2-3) they rank 3rd in yards gained. With Doug Martin back they're looking to get more run heavy but the... Continue Reading →

TNF – Week 7 – #ChiefsKingdom @ #RaiderNation

Week 7 is upon us! After another week of upsets and strange results all around. The Chiefs lost their unbeaten record at home to the Steelers, The Falcons lost to the Dolphins who are somehow 3-2 despite being horrible all season. The Packers suffered the hardest defeat of the weekend and possibly the entire season... Continue Reading →

Week 6 – MNF – #Colts at #TitanUp

First up, finished the week 9 points down. Had some ridiculous luck with injuries completely changing game plans and ruining everything recently. Secondly. Thoughts go out to the friends and family of Kevin Cadle, "ma man" was a shining light for a lot of us tuning into Sky sports to watch this little game we... Continue Reading →

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