SNF – Divisional weekend – #Jaguars @ #HereWeGo and #GoSaints @ #Bringithome

A rough night last night, although we only ended 3 points or so down due to the Chris Hogan anytime TD at 16/5. A few tough beats for me personally though as I had Sanu o50.5 yards, he finished on 50 after having his final catch overturned (rightly) Ajayi rush attmempts - o15.5 - He... Continue Reading →


Divisional games – Saturday – #Falcons @ #Eagles, #Titans @ #GoPats

A quick round-up of last weekend from my tips stand point, not great, went for a short priced Lucky 15 and only 1 of them came in, at a dreadful, 1/2, so lost a lot on that one, other than that we were only 2 points down in the end, 2 win, 2 losses on... Continue Reading →

Wildcard Weekend – Sunday Games – #GoBills @ #Jaguars, #Panthers @ #GoSaints

Saturday night preview is Here -> Wildcard Weekend – Saturday Games – #TitanUp @ #ChiefsKingdom and #Inbrotherhood @ #LaRams if you missed it, it's a long read, but I've gone pretty in depth with them all, hopefully if you don't follow my tips it should lead you to something to bet on! (6 Seed) Buffalo Bills (+9) at The... Continue Reading →

Wildcard Weekend – Saturday Games – #TitanUp @ #ChiefsKingdom and #Inbrotherhood @ #LaRams

Last weekend saw 4 of the longest playoff droughts ended and 8 of the 12 teams in the post-season weren't there last year, only the Chiefs, Steelers, Patriots and Falcons made it last year, a great show of the parity that the league strives for. Admittedly the Pats and Steelers are a fair way ahead... Continue Reading →

Week 17 – Now with a few anytime TDs!

Some of these games are near impossible to judge as we won't really know who's playing in each team! It's week 17 and the reason that most fantasy leagues don't run this long is that a lot of teams rest their starters when the final week hit. They know there's nothing to play for and... Continue Reading →

MNF – Week 15 – #InBrotherhood @ #Bucs

We have finally strung together a couple of good weeks! Taking us to around 40 points up for December, admittedly we're still down on the year, but it's a welcome change to the luck we've had for the rest of the season. I hope everyone appreciates the write ups, it's been a challenging year so... Continue Reading →

SNF – Week 15 write ups and tips

  Very frustrating night yesterday, Marvin Jones started it well topping his yardage line in the second quarter, but nothing after that. The Bears couldn't get the run game going and fucking Benny Cunningham was in at the end of the game when they were trailing, he got the TD for them. The late game... Continue Reading →

Post 200! Saturday night football! – #DaBears @ #OnePride and #Chargers @ #ChiefsKingdom

So, as expected the Thursday night super-clash between the Broncos and the Colts by all accounts was not the most entertaining encounter and I'm glad I avoided tipping anything on it as the one thing I was looking at was Chester Rogers to get some yards. He finished with 0-0 from 3 targets. I had... Continue Reading →

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