Week 11 MNF – KC Chiefs @ LA Rams – #ChiefsKingdom v #LaRams

A frustratingly rough week for me last night, a couple of winners, Dak at 4s and Alex Collins at 15/8 but the yard bets weren't anywhere near and that pissed me off as much as anything else, I think I'm usually pretty good at judging who will get the ball in games, and thought Heuerman... Continue Reading →


Week 11! TNF – Green Bay Packers @ Seattle Seahawks – #GoPackGo v #Seahawks

Packers (+3) @ Seahawks: Total - 49 This is pretty much a "loser shames their families honour" kind of match. The winner remains (theoretically) in the wild card race, the loser is pretty much done for the season. It looks like the Packers finally realised what to do with Aaron Jones who most of the... Continue Reading →

Half season review – couple of futures bets

Last week we past through the halfway point for the season, so I thought I had better have a look back at the pre-season predictions and a few of the tips I posted back then, without even checking I know the Bills somehow winning a game in the first month killed off one bet, still... Continue Reading →

TNF – Week 10 – Carolina Panthers @ Pittsburgh Steelers – #KeepPounding v #HereWeGo

Carolina Panthers (+3) @ Pittsburgh Steelers: Total - 51 A big big matchup for both of these team and their final records. The Steelers come in on a four game winning streak having dealt with the Ravens last week, the Panthers have 3 in a row now, but are much better at home, 5-0 there... Continue Reading →

Guest post by Ben Burke – Mid-season statistical review

So as some of you may have noticed I appreciate the work that Ben does on Gridiron every week with his cheat sheets. While I think I provide decent enough information it's largely opinion based while providing a few numbers I like on each game. - Ben on the other hand hints towards things by... Continue Reading →

MNF – Week 9 – Tennessee Titans @ Dallas Cowboys – #TitanUp v #DallasCowboys

So, didn't have any official bets tipped up yesterday, which is annoying as I had quite a few winners. If you listen to the @Full10yards podcast on Thursday/Friday nights then Tim and I have a 20-25 min chat about weekend bets, and we both ended up with some decent winners over the weekend, both hitting... Continue Reading →

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