Superbowl Stupid Prop bets

The Superbowl is here! (Well, on Sunday) So it’s the bookies chance to try and cash in on part timer viewers wanting to make the game a little more “interesting” and they do that pretty well by offering a variety of frankly ridiculous prop “bets” So. Instead of dumbing down the proper write up, coming on Saturday night/Sunday morning… I figure i’ll put all the “Every year Americans eat more food on Superbowl Sunday than the entire population of Africa does in a year” type statements on this post and get it all out of the way, hopefully leading to a more informative write up on the game itself!

  • Vegas expects to take $100m on this one game alone, last year topped $132m
  • It is the 2nd most watched event in the world (behind the champions league final) Last year in the states alone, the match between the Broncos and the Panthers averaged 111 million viewers.
  • The cost of a 30 second advert, was, last year $4.5m
  • It is expected that “Superbowl related spending” (food, beverages, decorations, TVs, game related merchandise, etc…) will breach $14 billion in the US.
  • That’s an average of $89 per view in America
  • 4,000 tons of Popcorn will be consumed.
  • Beer sales increase by $18m in the US the week of the game
  • Good news for Pizza delivery guys though, their usual $2 tip rockets to around $20 during the game for each delivery
  • 6% of Americans (1.5 million of them) will call in sick the following day. Surely just declare it a national holiday and save the hassle?! and Antacid sales increase 20% on the Monday following the game!
  • An estimated 1.25 billion chicken wings will be eaten

I think that’s enough of that. Basically. It’s big. Lots of food gets eaten, and a lot of beer is drank.

Now first of all, I would like to state that I don’t recommend anyone betting on any of these markets. I take my position as international man of influence very seriously and wouldn’t want anyone blaming me when they place £100 quid on The National Anthem going over 2:09mins. However as I’ve had a day off work already this week with nothing to do, and thought it would be a good idea to take on a few of the ridiculous prop bets available, I figured I’d put a post out anyway.

So on to the exhaustive research I’ve put in to some of the crazy prop bets available on the game and the entertainment surrounding it.

Pre-game seems the logical place to start, there’s a couple of bets available based on the National Anthem. This year sung by Country musics legendary Luke Bryan (yeah, I’ve never heard of him either) But apparently Blue Jeans is his thing, and obviously. You can bet on that…  I believe it will be around 1/2 (winner) for him to be wearing Blue Jeans if you can find it on any UK betting sites. From what I’ve found. That’s a lock. A guarantee, a facking banker! – You can also bet on the length of his national anthem, from the first word, to the end of the FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, that is currently sat at 2:09 on Skybet and PP. Now, as I say, I’ve done extensive research into these markets. It looks like he’s done the big stage 3 times in recent years, taking 2:12 and above in those three times (he wore Blue Jeans on all of them…) So the sensible money seems to be 10/11 on overs. (Sensible money… because you know, betting on these markets is sensible) The average of the last 11 Superbowls has been 1:58.

I’m not sure if the anthem takes place before or after that coin toss. What I can tell you is that both choices are at evens. It’s DEFINITELY worth noting that Tails has been the result the last 3 years. Does that mean it’s a trend or does it mean that it’s due heads?!”?!£?! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! Well, I can also tell you that it came up Heads for 5 years consecutively before that. One that would of been brilliant to have got on would of been what will the call be on the coin toss, one bookie offered this… They obviously didn’t realise that it’s the Patriots calling it, and they ALWAYS pick heads. Oh dear, I feel someone may have lost their job for that error. Oh, and the overall record is 26-24 to tails.

The half time markets revolve around Lady Gagas half time show. You can bet on number of costume changes, 8/13 (in from 8/11 earlier in the week) on o1.5 changes with Skybet. You can bet on her hair colour, 4/11 for Blonde/Yellow, seems unlikely she’ll go too risque for it. The BIG one on her set is what is going to be her first song. Now, bear with me here, she’s been promoting her new album Joanne, apparently her late Aunts, and her own middle name… Who knew. So it seems she’ll try and get at least one of those songs in there, apparently the adverts in the states have had the song “Perfect Illusion” playing over them. Now it would make sense to me to get the new song out of the way before going with the ones that people actually know. So… 16/1 for Perfect Illusion… Why the hell not. If you could bet on last song played, then surely “The edge of glory” is an absolute banker given the stage! However, now that Paddypower have a market, the 4/1 on “any other song” seems like a decent price with more choices.

On to the end of the game… You can bet on who the Superbowl MVP thanks first, God, and Team/Team mates are joint favourites for that at 2/1 each. Always back God. The colour of the Gatorade shower is a good one, when the Patriots won 2 years ago, Bill Bellichek was soaked in Blue Gatorade, that’s a tasty 7/1 at Paddypower at the moment. It was however Blues only appearance, clear and orange lead the way historically with 4 each.

Enjoy the game!

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