NFC South Predictions – @FootbawlTips

Onto my second to last division, and I can now see why Dan Hanzus sighs so much when this topic is mentioned, it’s a long process! – I feel the need for a caveat here, I’m not too sure why the records of these teams are so bad, other than they have tough schedules in general, which may be why I got them, I don’t believe the saints of falcons will be quite as bad as i’ve somehow predicted here

The South is likely to be dominated by the Carolina Panthers who probably should of won last year, but fell apart in the final. The Panthers will win the division again, then the Atlanta Falcons, the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Bucaneers will fight out the rest of the division.

The Panthers , welcome Kelvin Benjamin back to add to their WR corps, Ted Ginn will do what he does down the field, Devin Funchess is looking like he’s improved over the summer, add Greg Olsen at Tight end and you’ve got a very good passing attack. With Jonathon Stewart fully fit, he’ll add to Cams running game. It’s safe to say that Cam Newton will carry on what he does, so I doubt there will be much decline there. They lost Norman in the off season, but they’ll be fine without him with Luke Kuechly continuing to look like a complete nerd, a nerd who’s amazing at football (one of my favourite Defensive players to watch)

The New Orleans Saints are always exciting to watch, they can’t defend, but have the league leading passing yard QB behind centre chucking to everyone everywhere to try and keep his team in the game. Catching those passes you’ve got Brandin Cooks, Willie Snead, rookie Michael Thomas, behind them is Brandon Coleman, they then brought in Coby Fleener at Tight End to add to those options. The running game isn’t too shabby either with Tim Hightower and ample back up for Mark Ingram should he go down during the season. The defence has very little to talk about, so I won’t.

The Atlanta Falcons…Where do I start with the Falcons… oh yeah, they’ve got Julio Jones, yardage leader at receiving last term with 1871 yards. And Devonta Freeman, leading rushing TD scorer for the season. That’s about it, they signed Sanu from the Bengals? Matt Ryan is … the quarterback… They’re just not a team to get excited about. (I may be a little harsh on my record prediction because of this, sometimes it’s hard to be completely objective) This is already more than I thought I could write about them.

Last up is the Tampa Bay Bucaneers. Famous Jameis at QB has bulked up over the summer and looks in fine form, if Mike Evans can remember how to catch a ball they’ll have a decent passing attack, with Vincent Jackson on the other side, and Cameron Brate, or Austin Sefarian-Jenkins at tight end. At RB they’ve got Doug “The muscle hamster” Martin who went for a career best 1,402yds, with Charles Sims in as mainly a pass catching back they’ve got a fairly good offence. They did inexplicably use a second round draft pick on a Kicker, Roberto Aguayo who started off badly but struck a good 50yd field goal in tricky conditions in the last week of pre-season. They’re Defence isn’t bad, Lavonte David was top 3 in tackles last year.

Carolina Panthers – 

@Denver – W, 49ers – L, Vikings, L, @Atlanta – W, Tampa – W,  @Saints – L, Bye, Cardinals – W, @LA – W, Chiefs – W, Saints – W, @Oakland – L, @Seahawks – W, Chargers – W, @Washington  – L, Atlanta – W, @Tampa – L


New Orleans Saints – 

Oakland – W, @Giants – L, Atlanta – W, @Chargers – L, Bye, Carolina – L, @Chiefs – L, Seahawks – W, @49ers – L, Denver – L, @Carolina – L, Rams – W, Lions – L, @Tampa – L, @Cardinals – L, Tampa – W, @Atlanta – L

5-11 (There is very little chance they’ll win this few, I’m not sure what happened!)

Atlanta Falcons – 

Tampa – W, @Oakland – L, @Saints – L, Carolina – L, @Denver – L, @Seahawks – L, Chargers – W, Packers – L, @Tampa – L, @Eagles – L, Bye, Cardinals – L, Chiefs – L, @Rams – W, 49ers – W, @Carolina – L, Saints – W

5-11 (I think they’ll do far better than this too)

Tampa Bay Bucaneers – 

@Atlanta – L, @Cardinals – L, Rams – L, Denver – L, @Carolina – W, Bye, 49ers – L, Oakland – W, Atlanta – W, Bears – W, Chiefs – L, Seahawaks – L, @Chargers – L, Saints – W, @Cowboys – L, @Saints – L, Carolina – W


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