Superbowl LIII Competition time

As I'm a lovely bloke I thought it would be nice to get a competition going for the Superbowl with a little prize going to the winner, not quite a jersey of choice, I'm not made of money (especially after last weekend) but a stylised print of the player of your choice, current of historical,... Continue Reading →

Guest post by Ben Burke – Mid-season statistical review

So as some of you may have noticed I appreciate the work that Ben does on Gridiron every week with his cheat sheets. While I think I provide decent enough information it's largely opinion based while providing a few numbers I like on each game. - Ben on the other hand hints towards things by... Continue Reading →

Andy Bs week 6 tantalising treble – @Andy_B_NFLtips

As week 6 approaches we start to find teams and players either successfully or unsuccessfully answering questions regarding their performance. This week we should find out whether Dak Prescott belongs at QB over the returning Tony Romo, whether the Bengals can kick on from a 2-3 start by beating the Tom Brady led 4-1 Pats... Continue Reading →

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