Week 15 – MNF – New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers – #GoSaints v #KeepPounding

What a weird night in the NFL. I had 2 choices for my £350 free bet from Redzone, and naturally chose the wrong one, plumping for Zeke and Fournette instead of Mixon and Carson - Zeke shut out, and Fournette only gets 1 carry in the second half. Marvellous. Gronk was shut down by the... Continue Reading →


Week 14 – MNF – Minnesota Vikings @ Seattle Seahawks – #Skol v #seahawks

What a night for the NFL last night, some crazy results, and some crazy TD scorers, I stuck with short priced guys in general and missed out on some possible big wins, but we still hit 5 out of 7 from the tips in the summary, all 3 of the player props came in and... Continue Reading →

Week 12 – MNF – Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans – #TitanUp v #Texans

My goodness last night was frustrating from a betting POV, the big odds won, to cover the NAP and NB which both failed miserably but frustratingly. The Beckham one was especially annoying. The first half they were doing what they should do, targeting the battered Eagles secondary, just as I said, with 6 of their... Continue Reading →

Week 11 MNF – KC Chiefs @ LA Rams – #ChiefsKingdom v #LaRams

A frustratingly rough week for me last night, a couple of winners, Dak at 4s and Alex Collins at 15/8 but the yard bets weren't anywhere near and that pissed me off as much as anything else, I think I'm usually pretty good at judging who will get the ball in games, and thought Heuerman... Continue Reading →

MNF – Week 9 – Tennessee Titans @ Dallas Cowboys – #TitanUp v #DallasCowboys

So, didn't have any official bets tipped up yesterday, which is annoying as I had quite a few winners. If you listen to the @Full10yards podcast on Thursday/Friday nights then Tim and I have a 20-25 min chat about weekend bets, and we both ended up with some decent winners over the weekend, both hitting... Continue Reading →

Week 6 – MNF – San Francisco 49ers @ Green Bay Packers – #GoPackGo v #GoNiners

Well, I finally had a good week on the blog, which would have been even better had I properly tipped my boy David Moore again! I know a few of you got on him anyway at 8/1! Shame he didn't get his second for a 100/1 winner, but you know, he's paid for my month... Continue Reading →

MNF – Washington Redskins @ New Orleans Saints – #httr v #GoSaints

Well, yet another topsy-turvy Sunday night in the NFL, honestly I think from now on you should just look at who won this week and bet against them next week. I think I better mention my big win before I go any further. I had David Moore anytime at 16s and 2 or more at... Continue Reading →

MNF – Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos – #ChiefsKingdom v #BroncosCountry

Not going to lie, last night was shit again. Honestly, It's incredibly frustrating. Martavis Bryant dropped an easy catch whilst entering the endzone, just that one win would have given me profit. Keke Coutee went over 100 yards from 11 catches, and was open int he end zone but he gave it to Fuller. He... Continue Reading →

MNF – Week 15 – #InBrotherhood @ #Bucs

We have finally strung together a couple of good weeks! Taking us to around 40 points up for December, admittedly we're still down on the year, but it's a welcome change to the luck we've had for the rest of the season. I hope everyone appreciates the write ups, it's been a challenging year so... Continue Reading →

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