Week 6 previews part 2 – 2100 onwards! @jayhatton49

So the remainder of the weekends matches summed up by Mr. Hatton, I must state that I’ve included 3 matches that i’ll do my own write up for tomorrow, and that any agreement on the games herewithin is purely coincidental.

Kansas City @ Oakland

If this matchup was last year, you would see the Chiefs defence cancel out Derek Carr and the young offence. This year sees a different story. You can’t sack Derek Carr and his bond with Crabtree and Cooper just seems to be growing by the week. Even with Murray out injured they have enough explosive plays with their rookies Washington and Richard to fill the void. Oakland is one great example of how a good GM, making smart savvy moves can change a franchise. It takes time but they have done it right and you can see the results on the field. On the other side, Spencer Ware shot out like a cannon ball and then subsequently slowed down as if he hit a giant wall of porridge. Kelce is a great player so he should see most of the targets from Alex Smith against a D that cannot stop pass catches from getting free and scoring points. Outcome of this game is on the shoulders of Jemaal Charles, if he plays well the Chiefs steal one but I don’t see it just yet.

Winner – Oakland

Dallas @ Green Bay

This for me is the match up of the week. Ezekial Elliot is a monster. Straight up monster. So far no one has got close to stopping him. Might this be the week against Green Bay and their number 1 run defence? Now, this is probably one of the more unexpected stats of the year but Green Bay currently allow just over 40 yards a game on the ground. That is ridiculous! I believe most of it is without Clay Matthews as well which makes it more impressive. Now we know that the Packers offence isn’t firing on all cylinders but you still never go against an Aaron Rodgers led team. Dallas have been better than expected on D and make no mistake about it they are for real this year. I would expect a balanced game with a lot of back and forth. I believe Rodgers will snap out of, by his standards anyway, his funk and lead GB to the win.

Winner – Green Bay

Atlanta @ Seattle

Ok so I here may be where you sense a lack of love. I hate Seattle. I do. I cannot argue with their D being one of the best in football, and maybe even top 10 within history but I cannot stand all the love that Russell Wilson gets. Yes he is good at improvising, yes he is clutch but all that running around means he gets a lot of broken plays. If you keep him in the pocket, he is not that great. Look at his numbers. Am I bitter? Maybe? Like I said this is where you might see my bias…. a bit.

Moving on. If the Cowboys are for real, you had better believe the Falcons must now be considered one of, if not the best in the league right now. They played great in Denver against that ferocious defence. Not the numbers they had been posting but you wouldn’t expect that against such stiff competition but wow, they nailed it. Pure distribution by Matt Ryan, who by the way I still don’t think is THAT good, I just think his team is better and he has so many weapons at his disposal. Their D is generally bad so that might come back to haunt them if the offence stutters at any point. One thing for fantasy players, is it time to panic about Julio Jones? You know what he can do, ask the Carolina secondary, but he is the one player who is losing out because of all their success. You ask the team or even Julio and you bet they prefer to be winning but it hurts for all the people who took him in the first round. Strength vs Strength in this one and history usually shows us that defence usually wins

Winner – Seattle

Indianapolis @ Houston

Adam recently said to me that based on the last 2 years worth of work, why does Andrew Luck get so much love? In all fairness it is hard to argue with that statement but he has hardly had help. No run game, no defence, no offensive line and his GM tried to blame him about the woes of the roster because they paid him too much money? Really? Give me a break. They are bad from top to bottom. Very bad and no QB can bring a team up all by himself no matter who they are. That being said, Houston, like Jacksonville, had all the hype this offseason but look like massive pretenders. Not throwing to Deandre Hopkins is baffling to me and Lemar Miller really seems out of place. You can make the excuse that they haven’t been playing together long but some of their play has been downright bizarre. Houston has lost JJ Watt and they still seem to be playing ok defensively but without their start defensive lineman and floundering QB plau. Again could be some points here, expect big plays from Hopkins, Fuller and TY Hilton. In a higher points game I give the advantage to the Colts.

Winner – Indianapolis

New York Jets @ Arizona

This the game that Carson Palmer and the Cardinals needed. Like, really needed. Palmer should be back and the Jets should be worried. Their front 7 again is very good and they have had some success but I think this is the game that Carson Palmer and their speedy wideouts decimate the weak Jets secondary. Matt Forte is already showings signs of wear and tear after such a massive work load early on in the season and Decker is on IR. Fitzpatrick is proving the Jets Front office exactly why they held out and didn’t pay him what he was asking for. That 6 interception game against the chiefs was embarrassing but it’s not like they have better options behind him. Expect speed and points from Arizona and not much else from the Jets. Maybe some garbage time points when the game is done.

Winner – Arizona

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