Inaugural Touchdown Tips Dynasty Draft!

At 8pm GMT on 20th June 2017, something special happened. Something glorious. Something otherworldly……. okay no it didn’t really. BUT we did launch our first ever dynasty draft with our very own GM, @cavey007 as commish. We had been talking for a while about setting a league or two up ourselves just for the crack and when Adam put out the ol’ dynasty feelers, we had a great and rather unexpected response! Plenty of people wanted to get involved, few newbies, few with more experience but seemed like a great mix of people.

Now I know I know NO ONE cares about your fantasy football team but I thought it would be good, for at least the 12 of us, to go over what happened and review it round by round with a brief overview along with my favourite, most surprising and best value picks that may have taken place. Yours truly picked 11th with My Ball Zach Ertz, Adam picked at 12 with It’s Got to be Burfict and the big lad Andy picked 7 with Maurice Bones Jews.

Without further ado…..

Round 1

David Johnson – Getting Gronky

Le’Veon Bell – Pitta Bread

Ezekiel Elliott – Cool Story Breaux

Antonio Brown – Suggs Not Drugs

Odell Beckham – Ball Breaker

Julio Jones – 52 Shades of Clay

Devonta Freeman – Maurice Bones Jews

Marshawn Lynch – Miami Minions

Jay Ajayi – Beast Mode

DeMarco Murray – Deflatriots

Mike Evans – My Ball Zach Ertz

AJ Green – It’s Got to be Burfict

So as you would expect, round 1 went how EVERY SINGLE DRAFT will go this year, until pick 1.8 rolled in and Oakland’s finest Marshawn Lynch rocked up to the party (due to auto-draft…). Needless to say this was the biggest surprise pick in the round. Not saying that he won’t succeed this year and even next but a high price for a 30+ year old RB who ‘retired’ last year. I actually liked my own pick here getting Mike Evans at 1.9 going after Ajayi and Murray. Can’t really say anyone else stood out as they were exactly as expected.

Round 2

LeSean McCoy – It’s Got to be Burfict

Leonard Fournette – My Ball Zach Ertz

Michael Thomas – Deflatriots

Melvin Gordon – Beast Mode

Jordy Nelson – Miami Minions

Amari Cooper – Maurice Bones Jews

Jordan Howard – 52 Shades of Clay

Christian McCaffrey – Ball Breaker

Todd Gurley – Suggs not Drugs

Dez Bryant – Cool Story Breaux

Corey Davis – Pitta Bread

DeAndre Hopkins – Getting Gronky

My favourite pick here was definitely Amari Cooper at 2.6, from a dynasty perspective he was my 3rd/4th rated WR for me so I immediately hated myself for not snagging him when I had the chance. Few surprising picks here, not necessarily because they are bad players but Christian McCaffrey and Corey Davis were huge reaches in round 2. Will they be great? Probably, but a steep price to play for two guys who have yet to play a snap of football. The only other one of note, from my point of view at least, was Jordy Nelson at 2.5. Again not because of his talent and great situation being the go to guy of Aaron Rodgers but because of his age and potential/inevitable decline (auto pick again unfortunately).

Round 3

TY Hilton – Getting Gronky

Allen Robinson – Pitta Bread

Rob Gronkowski – Cool Story Breaux

Brandin Cooks – Suggs not Drugs

Joe Mixon – Ball Breaker

Davante Adams – 52 Shades of Clay

Lamar Miller – Maurice Bones Jews

Tyreek Hill – Miami Minions

Terrelle Pryor – Beast Mode

Isaiah Crowell – Deflatriots

Carlos Hyde – My Ball Zach Ertz

Doug Baldwin – It’s Got to be Burfict

On the turn of round 2 to round 3 I love Getting Gronky’s choices of DeAndre Hopkins and TY Hilton. Both the main targets in their respective offenses after getting Johnson in round 1. Lamar Miller seemingly dropped out of favour as I expected him going in round 2 but after a relatively disappointing season last year, you can see why he fell. I don’t hate the pick of Joe Mixon here because all the hype out of Cincinnati will be he takes over from Jeremy Hill by the time the season starts but again a slight reach for me. My favourite and value pick here is Isaiah Crowell at 3.10. He has a new line of big nasties in front of him now and he has the talent to push for RB1 numbers in an improved Cleveland team. The surprise pick is most definitely Brandin Cooks at 3.4. Yes he is fast and had success in New Orleans but I just don’t see him getting close to the same amount of targets. New England has 100 RB’s on their roster (give or take) and still have Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan and Mike Mitchell to name a few that all have all produced for Belichick and Tom Brady.

Round 4

Ameer Abdullah – It’s Got to be Burfict

Martavis Bryant – My Ball Zach Ertz

Demaryius Thomas – Deflatriots

Travis Kelce – Beast Mode

Dalvin Cook – Miami Minions

Greg Olsen – Maurice Bones Jews

Keenan Allen – 52 Shades of Clay

Jarvis Landry – Ball Breaker

LeGarrette Blount – Suggs not Drugs

Aaron Rodgers – Cool Story Breaux

Zay Jones – Pitta Bread

Alshon Jeffrey – Getting Gronky

This year is seemingly the year when Tight Ends go early, this draft is no exception. Admittedly I did look at Kelce because his value shot up when Maclin got cut by the Chiefs but with Alex Smith at the helm, he ceiling is relatively capped. Taking Kelce this early is okay with me but not so much for Greg Olsen no matter how great a player his is. Most surprising pick however was 4.11 and Zay Jones. The logic was explained at the time (Sammy Watkins will more than likely crumble to bits like a wet cake at some point) but one heck of a reach for a guy that doesn’t have the college pedigree of a McCaffrey or Davis. My least favourite pick you ask? My own. I panicked and saw Martavius Bryant and early on in the day I heard about how great he was and when he plays he is a freak and a touchdown monster. So I got all giddy and took him at 4.2 and then immediately remembered a key part of that statement; WHEN he plays. So great WR1 potential but a very uncharacteristic risky pick for me so early for a guy who was suspended all last year. Oh and Ameer Abdullah went at 4.1. Adam? Really? Well worth the pick if he stays fit! Big if though…

Round 5

Spencer Ware – Getting Gronky

Mark Ingram – Pitta Bread

Golden Tate – Cool Story Breaux

Jordan Reed – Suggs not Drugs

Sammy Watkins – Ball Breaker

Ty Montgomery – 52 Shades of Clay

Emmanuel Sanders – Maurice Bones Jews

Drew Brees – Miami Minions

Paul Perkins – Beast Mode

Tyrell Williams – Deflatriots

Mike Gillislee – My Ball Zach Ertz

Andrew Luck – It’s Got to be Burfict

My favourite pick here is probably Tyrell Williams as Deflatriots WR3. I may be the only person that thinks this but the 6’4″ monster is legit and although Keenan Allen is a proven stud and favourite of Rivers, I just don’t see him lasting a full season. As a value pick I like Emmanuel Sanders as he gets similar production to Thomas but is usually a good 3-4 rounds after him. Paul  Mike Gillislee here may be a tad of a reach but if he is stepping into that LeGarrette Blount role then 1000 yards and double digit TD’s is a very strong possibility. Surprising pick this round is Spencer Ware at 5.1. All the talk out of KC is that Kareem Hunt will either step in and start or at least force Andy Reid to go with a RB committee which is always bad for fantasy owners. Oh and Drew Brees going before Andrew Luck was a bit of a head scratcher too.

Round 6

Hunter Henry – It’s Got to be Burfict

Stefon Diggs – My Ball Zach Ertz

Tom Brady – Deflatriots

DeVante Parker – Beast Mode

Jimmy Graham – Miami Minions

Doug Martin – Maurice Bones Jews

Kyle Rudolph – 52 Shades of Clay

Tevin Coleman – Ball Breaker

Matt Ryan – Suggs not Drugs

Kelvin Benjamin – Cool Story Breaux

Cam Newton – Pitta Bread

Jameis Winston – Getting Gronky

Following on from the Tight Ends going to early trend sees Hunter Henry (6.1) and Kyle Rudolph (6.7) go a bit earlier than I had on my board. Great players in favourable situations and I would take both no questions asked but I would have wanted them in rounds 8-9 rather than 6. Jameis Winston is my favourite pick here as he is primed to step up with a plethora of toys to play with in an improved Tampa offense. If you are smelling what Tom Brady is cooking, him playing another 5 odd years makes him going 6.3 less of an surprise pick and I am sorry, but I do not like Cam Newton at the moment. His MVP year has him scoring TDS himself with reckless abandon but it is looking more and more like that season was an outlier rather than a sign of things to come. He has never been an accurate thrower. With him taking less chances scrambling and scoring with his feet his value plummets for me.

Round 7

DeSean Jackson – Getting Gronky

Tyler Eifert – Pitta Bread

Bilal Powell – Cool Story Breaux

Ted Ginn – Suggs not Drugs

Corey Coleman – Ball Breaker

Delanie Walker – 52 Shades of Clay

Julian Edelman – Maurice Bones Jews

Brandon LaFell – Miami Minions

Russell Wilson – Beast Mode

Michael Crabtree – Deflatriots

Justin Tucker – My Ball Zach Ertz

CJ Anderson – It’s Got to be Burfict

Best value pick in round 7 goes to Pitta Bread for Tyler Eifert at 7.1. Risky pick because he hasn’t been on the field much but going as the TE7 is pretty good for a guy who, if it plays out in Cincinnati right, could easily be TE1. Rounds 7 onwards is usually where you have your starters in place, usually with at least 4-6 starters you are happy with so you start to have a look around and see who you think has the best upside. In a redraft situation you just look at that year and guys like Powell at 7.3 and Edelman at 7.7 would traditionally be great picks but I wouldn’t say wouldbe the best situation for a dynasty league. Great picks non-the-less though as I love both players. Most suprising pick in this round depends on your perspective. I think most of you would say that Brandon LaFell is way overdrafted as possibly the 4th or 5th option for Andy Dalton but some would say my pick of Justin Tucker is a tad early (Some?! Everyone would say that). I would usually agree but my logic was that Tucker is the best in football when you consider he outscored guys like Michael Thomas, Spencer Ware, Tevin Coleman, Doug Baldwin and Amari Cooper in 2016, it looks less and less crazy. That being said, I did pull a ‘Chicago Bears’ and competed against myself because he probably would have been available around 9-10 but hey ho.

Round 8

Derrick Henry – It’s Got to be Burfict

Samaje Perine – My Ball Zach Ertz

Eddie Lacy – Deflatriots

Dan Bailey – Beast Mode

Jeremy Maclin – Miami Minions

Derek Carr – Maurice Bones Jews

Kareem Hunt – 52 Shades of Clay

Donte Moncrief – Ball Breaker

Pierre Garcon – Suggs not Drugs

Willie Snead – Cool Story Breaux

Rob Kelley – Pitta Bread

Marcus Mariota – Getting Gronky

Lots of picks I like here. Henry and Perine at 8.1 and 8.2 respectively. Derek Carr (8.6) and Mariota (8.12) also and two of my favourite guys to own. All 4 guys are primed for long term success at their positions so great value too in the 8th round. Equally good, Garcon and Snead at 8.9 and Snead 8.10 are great value too. Garcon as the only known WR commodity in San Fran and Snead as the defacto WR2 in the high powered Saints offense. Better pick between the two for me is Snead as he is 6 years younger than Garcon. Surprise pick here is easily Rob Kelley who is shortly to be buried on the depth chart behind Perine and Chris Thompson.

Round 9

Terrance West – Getting Gronky

Rishard Matthews – Pitta Bread

Jamison Crowder – Cool Story Breaux

Danny Woodhead – Suggs not Drugs

OJ Howard – Ball Breaker

Matthew Stafford – 52 Shades of Clay

Adrian Peterson – Maurice Bones Jews

John Ross – Miami Minions

Adam Thielen – Beast Mode

Cameron Meredith – Deflatriots

Kirk Cousins – My Ball Zach Ertz

Kenneth Dixon – It’s Got to be Burfict

All Baltimore RBs going this round which was pretty weird. Personally I think West has a better shot at retaining the starting job even when Dixon comes off suspension in week 5. Greg Roman is there now and he has led several of the leagues top running offenses which leans in West’s favour as a better rounded runner. Jamison Crowder at 9.3 was a great pick. I’m not a fan myself as he burned me a few times last year but a safe floor for him is easily 800 yards and 5 scores which is great value in round 9. OJ Howard will be a star in the league but even in a dynasty league this seems way too soon to take him.

Round 10

Mike Williams – It’s Got to be Burfict

Joe Williams – My Ball Zach Ertz

Martellus Bennett – Deflatriots

James White – Beast Mode

CJ Prosise – Miami Minions

New England Patriots – Maurice Bones Jews

Thomas Rawls – 52 Shades of Clay

Alvin Kamara – Ball Breaker

Curtis Samuel – Suggs not Drugs

Latavius Murray – Cool Story Breaux

Evan Engram – Pitta Bread

David Njoku – Getting Gronky

Mixed bag in this round. 6 of the 12 picks were rookies, all who are in very favourable positions to get some real playing time. The least likely to make an impact of those 6 would be Alvin Kamara as he is currently behind Ingram and Peterson on the Saints depth chart. Latavius Murray, 10.10, was a surprise going this early as he didn’t really produce well behind a top ranked offensive line last year and despite giving him $5 million the Vikings drafted a potential starter in Dalvin Cook so hardly a positive situation for him to be in. We also saw the first defense go off the board and it was surprisingly the New England Patriots. My pick of Williams was definitely the pick of the round

Round 11

D’Onta Foreman – Getting Gronky

Eric Decker – Pitta Bread

Kenny Britt – Cool Story Breaux

Dede Westbrook – Suggs not Drugs

Duke Johnson – Ball Breaker

Juju Smith-Schuster – 52 Shades of Clay

Randall Cobb – Maurice Bones Jews

Deshaun Watson – Miami Minions

Cameron Brate – Beast Mode

Larry Fitzgerald – Deflatriots

John Brown – My Ball Zach Ertz

Tyler Lockett – It’s Got to be Burfict

Gettin Gronky again nailed it for me here on the turn with Njoku and D’Onta Foreman. Of all talented rookie tight ends being taken, Njoku has the best opportunity to get himself some targets in Cleveland and Foreman has as a good a shout as any handcuff in the league to get some playing time should Lemar Miller go down. Deshaun Watson was a surprise pick but he would be more than likely get the starting job in Houston sooner rather than later but gauging his production is very difficult. Hard to pick a favourite in this round but lots of value/upside with guys like Duke Johnson (11.5) Randall Cobb (11.7), John Brown (11.11) and Tyler Lockett (11.12). As for Cameron Brate, he is in front of Howard on the depth chart at the moment and he played very well in a Tyler Eifert type role for the Bucs so don’t sleep on him.

Round 12

Sterling Shepard – It’s Got to be Burfict

Eric Ebron – My Ball Zach Ertz

Coby Fleener – Deflatriots

Dak Prescott – Beast Mode

Kenny Stills – Miami Minions

Mohamed Sanu – Maurice Bones Jews

Chris Hogan – 52 Shades of Clay

Jamal Williams = Ball Breaker

Denver Broncos – Suggs not Drugs

Jack Doyle – Cool Story Breaux

Jeremy Hill – Pitta Bread

Zach Ertz – Getting Gronky

Dak Prescott is the value pick here. I took Cousins way earlier than I wanted to but all the top shelf QB’s had all been taken so having Dak available 3 rounds later at 12.4 is good work by Beast Mode. A lot of role players taken this round so nothing to really shout about. Sterling Shepard is the best pick but his fantasy value has taken a hit while Brandon Marshall is on the Giants roster. I am happy with Ebron filling up the TE spot in round 12. A lot of the podcasts I listen to had him breaking out this year after a ‘disappointing’ 700 yards in just 12 games. His TD production needs to drastically improve but I think he has the talent and opportunity to be a TE1.

Round 13

Mike Wallace – Getting Gronky

Chris Godwin – Pitta Bread

Seattle Seahawks – Cool Story Breaux

Brandon Marshall – Suggs not Drugs

Kevin White – Ball Breaker

Julius Thomas – 52 Shades of Clay

Vernon Davis – Maurice Bones Jews

Sebastian Janikowski – Miami Minions

JJ Nelson – Beast Mode

Carson Wentz – Deflatriots

Breshad Perriman – My Ball Zach Ertz

Jonathan Stewart – It’s Got to be Burfict

Later rounds is usually where best player available or personal preference really takes shape but from my point of view, a few puzzling selections in round 13. Kevin White and Vernon Davis at 13.5 and 13.7 respectively confused me quite a lot but again, all personal preference now. Mike Wallace here was an absolute steal as he quietly had a 1000 yards last year and I think he would get similar production this year. Amazing value at this stage of the draft (Although already dropped by the guy who picked him…). I liked the pick of Chris Godwin but he is buried a bit on the Bucs roster and I also really liked Perrimans measurables but his stock took a hit when the Ravens signed Jeremy Maclin. Sneaky pick might be JJ Nelson at 13.9, Fitzgerald is retiring at the end of this season and he had 7 TDs filling in for Michael Floyd and John Brown. Again, my pick deserves a mention here. J Stew was great value at the end of 13.

Round 14

Philip Rivers – It’s Got to be Burfict

Theo Riddick – My Ball Zach Ertz

Darren Sproles – Deflatriots

Jalen Richard – Beast Mode

Allen Hurns – Miami Minions

Ben Rothlisberger – Maurice Bones Jews

Eli Manning – 52 Shades of Clay

Joe Flacco – Ball Breaker

Matt Forte – Suggs not Drugs

Frank Gore – Cool Story Breaux

Matt Bryant – Pitta Bread

Marlon Mack – Getting Gronky

The old guard all got taken this round, average age approximately 48. Rivers, Big Ben, the lesser Manning and Flacco all picked up. Mix in more old boys like Darren Sproles, Matt Forte and Frank Gore, these are exactly where I would put these guys in a fantasy draft. Great work by all the guys picking here getting great value, even if it is only for a 1-3 more years. Best pick this round is Allen Hurns at 14.5, he was quietly having a decent season but was hampered with injuries. People have quickly forgot how productive Hurns and Allen Robinson were in the 2015 season and with the addition of Fournette, it should hopefully make their lives a bit easier.

Round 15

Josh Reynolds – Getting Gronky

Arizona Cardinals – Pitta Bread

Tyrod Taylor – Cool Story Breaux

Adam Vinatieri – Suggs not Drugs

Laquon Treadwell – Ball Breaker

Minnesota Vikings – 52 Shades of Clay

Mason Crosby – Maurice Bones Jews

Devontae Booker – Miami Minions

Atlanta Falcons – Beast Mode

Houston Texans – Deflatriots

Robert Woods – My Ball Zach Ertz

Marvin Jones – It’s Got to be Burfict

Guys (and gal) starting to fill out rosters now. Few defenses going. Personally I was guted that Houston got taken a few picks before me as they were the only real team I fancied taking a bit earlier than the last two rounds. I cannot say that any defense is a good or value pick but best pick here is Tyrod Taylor. He doesn’t have the best situation compared to other QB’s but at round 15, potentially getting around 16-18 points a game is a good shout, especially as a back up. Marvin Jones should improve greatly this year in the second year of the Lions offence who lost their main Redzone target. End of the 15th for him? Great value…

Rounds 16

Jonathan Williams – It’s Got to be Burfict

Carolina Panthers – My Ball Zach Ertz

Stephen Gostowski – Deflatriots

Damien Williams – Beast Mode

Alex Smith – Miami Minions

Jeremy McNichols – Maurice Bones Jews

Wil Lutz – 52 Shades of Clay

Baltimore Ravens – Ball Breaker

Jacquizz Rodgers – Suggs not Drugs

Jordan Matthews – Cool Story Breaux

Kenny Golladay – Pitta Bread

Jacksonville Jaguars – Getting Gronky

I LOVE the situation that Jonathan Williams has in Buffalo. He is a unit and is in line to get decent to great production as LeSean McCoy’s handcuff (see Mike Gillislee) Few kickers but great value for Cool Story Breaux and Jordan Matthews. Even if Alshon Jeffrey takes over as Wentz’s 2nd or 3rd option, still a good chance to get similar to the same yardage he got last year (800). Great situation for McNichols in Tampa Bay. Martin is suspended and no guarantee to regain his 2015 form. Jacquizz Rodgers is a serviceable backup but not really a long term guy, there are reps there for the taking potentially. Little surprised to see Alex Smith to be drafted at all but fair enough, each to their own!

Round 17

Cairo Santos – Getting Gronky

Blake Bortles – Pitta Bread

Matt Prater – Cool Story Breaux

Jared Goff – Suggs not Drugs

Stephen Hauschka  – Ball Breaker

Will Fuller – 52 Shades of Clay

Jimmy Garopollo – Maurice Bones Jews

Philadelphia Eagles – Miami Minions

Taylor Gabriel – Beast Mode

Cole Beasley – Deflatriots

Chad Williams – My Ball Zach Ertz

Austin Hooper – It’s Got to be Burfict

Kickers and a few more defenses taken which you would expect by now. Will Fuller is a good shout at this stage. Has the speed but is kind of boom or bust not that you care in round 17. Jimmy Garoppolo is not a strange pick per sey but when Andy already has Carr and Rothlisberger, makes it a little weird that he would consider Jimmy G at all. I drafted Chad Williams and since dropped him for Josh Doctson so that can be forgotten already. Austin Hooper (or Mr. Irrelevant as he shall forever be known) again is a sneaky play by Adam getting good value from a guy that is on the rise.

There it is! Done. I am not going to grade people but I like what Getting Gronky and Deflatriots were able to do. A few odd choices for each and every team though (Zay Jones at 4.11 sticks in my mind!) but overall I think it was a great draft and everyone has a fair shout based on the players they took. Well done guys and good luck for the upcoming season! Getting Gronky had the best draft on paper in my eyes, got good value all the way through, and annoyingly both of the young QBs that I would have liked to have got. Unfortunately for Beast mode he was stuck on an oil rig and didn’t get to make his own picks until round 5! Hence him taking Lynch and Jordy with his first picks!

It should be an interesting season, and as Jay said, thank you to all the response we got, hopefully we can keep this going for a few years and everyone will enjoy it!



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