Request-a-bet roundup

So, these are the relatively new, fun way to bet, let’s be fair, we’re usually playing into the hands of the bookies with these, but they’re just a little more fun and add some higher odds on multiple options. Obviously that’s why the bookies love them too, more choices mean more ways for us to lose.

BUT with most books not allowing multiples on things like season win totals at the moment it’s a way to get those on as well.

So, I figured, I would do the work so you don’t have to. They will generally be from Skybet – The main protagonists of the genre, the guys who coined the term request-a-bet, Redzonesports and their #YourZone section, #WhatOddsPaddy, there’s a few on there, they’re tougher to read but must be value somewhere on there. #YourOdds on WilliamHill, and a quick look at Ladbrokes #GetAPrice specials. – I will admit, I generally only ask Skybet and Redzone to price up most of mine. They’re just easier to find on those site. Sky especially who group all theirs by odds, and/or team.

I won’t be specifically saying which to back on these, it’s more of a research tool in theory. I’ll do the leg work so you don’t have to, kind of thing!


Bills to lose their first 6 games – 5/1This was one of mine. They’ve got a rough schedule and either have Nathan Peterman or the widely regarded worst rookie in the first round at QB.This is actually better odds on Redzone at 6/1

I did tip AJ Green 1,000 yards and 10 TDs at 7/1, that’s now an un-backable 9/2 on there. Good work folks!

Dak Prescott – 5+ Rushing TDs – 7/4 – He’s got no-one to throw to, Zeke will give him some valuable mis-direction, he’s scored 6 in each of his 2 seasons in the league.

Bradley Chubb – 10+ Sacks – 4/1 – Not one I will back myself with zero evidence. But you’ve got to think being opposite Von Miller will give you the easier coverage, and if he’s as good as quoted he may well get to this number.

DeShaun Watson – 5+ Rushing TDs – 5/1 – I don’t think I’d take this either, but it’s good odds. I’m a little worried about how he’ll return from a second ACL injury. He did get 2 TDs in basically 6 games last year, so works out around 5 per season. BUT there’s too much risk for me.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers to lose their first 4 games – 5/2 – Same odds as Redzone – They are without their starting QB for the first 3, it wouldn’t have mattered, they play the Saints, Eagles and Steelers. They should lose all 3, then it’s basically a 5/2 against the Bears to win this bet. – Also 5/2 on Redzone.



Rams and Vikings both to make the playoffs – 6/5 – I believe the Rams will win the West and the Vikings will win, or break 10 wins in the NFC North.

Bills u6.5, Seahawks u8.5 wins – 11/8 – I think the Bills stink. I don’t think the Seahawks even with Wilson at QB will be above 8-8 this season, they’ve got too many holes.

In a similar vein to the above, Bills u6.5, Seahawks u7.5, Raiders u8.5 wins – 4/1 – Not much to add here, I don’t rate any of them this year.

Regular Season Wins: Bills Under 6.5, Seahawks Under 7.5, Raiders Under 8.5, Jaguars Under 9.5 – 8/1 – As above. With Jags added. They had the easiest schedule last year, it’s not this year and that division should be far tougher.

Jerrick McKinnon, David Johnson, Marshawn Lynch 10+ TDs Each – 14/1 – I think DJ and Lynch will. The use of McKinnon in both the pass and rush game in Shanahans offense means he will be around there – you can add Zeke and Fournette for 25/1

Most Sacks: V.Miller, Most Rookie Pass Yards: J.Rosen, Most Rush Yards: E.Elliot – 200/1 – So obviously a long shot, hence the 200/1 price, but I can see Miller leading the sack market with Chubb opposite him, Rosen was always my favourite to start the most of the rookies, however now that is a lot more risky. Mayfield, Darnold and Allen could well be starting in the first month. I do think Zeke will win the rush yards though.

RedZoneSports – If you want an account here, open the link for 25/1 on ANY team to win the SB – Redzone

Tampa Bay Buccaneers to lose their first 4 games – 5/2 – Same as Skybet – They are without their starting QB for the first 3, it wouldn’t have mattered, they play the Saints, Eagles and Steelers. They should lose all 3, then it’s basically a 5/2 against the Bears to win this bet. – Also 5/2 on Skybet.

The Bills to lose their first 6 games – 6/1 – This was one of mine. They’ve got a rough schedule and either have Nathan Peterman or the widely regarded worst rookie in the first round at QB.

The Steelers to win their first 4 games – 7/2 – Anyone who reads my write ups at all knows I’m a Bengals fan and I hate the Steelers. BUT. I have them down to win their first 4 games. They play @Cleveland, home to KC, @Tampa and host the Ravens. Admittedly not the easier, but I have them winning all 4, so… there it is.

I’ll admit, I was planning on being all over Lamar Jackson to start A game this season. But seeing his pre-season performances I’ve shied away from that now, he’s not ready to play.

Carl Lawson o7.5 sacks – 5/6 – This is quite possibly my NAP from these markets. Obviously one of my own requests, Skybet have him at 11/10 to have 10+ sacks on the season. Last year he had 8.5 sacks with around 44% of snaps, he has bulked up and will have nearer 60% this year. The guy is a beast. – He got sacks in 7 of his 16 games, as a rookie, and playing outside Geno Atkins for another year will help him as well. 

Buffalo Bills worst record – 4/1 – This is a tough one as I was very high on the Buccs last year and it killed me. I’ve already mentioned quite a few of the Bills being horrible, and really shouldn’t be over-loading on that market. Especially as Josh Allen actually looks like he might be able to do something at QB. BUT. They have a tough schedule and very few weapons. I wouldn’t be shocked if they were the worst team this year. the Buccs, to my eyes will be challenging them for it, however I respect their defensive front, so I think they’ll be a little better than the Bills, they’re at 17/2 for worst record. – Same odds on WillHill

Cordarelle Patterson total TDs – o2.5 – 6/4 – Well, colour me intrigued. the Pats this week released Kenny Britt who had been touted to make their roster, especially given their lack of WR depth, with Edelman out for the first 4 games, they really only have Chris Hogan at WR. Admittedly there’s all the pass catching backs, and this Gronk bloke, but WR they are thin. SO. It kinda makes sense that the person to finally figure out C.Patt would be Belichick. I’m assuming he’ll be the kick returner, he can play at RB or WR. He seems the perfect Patriots guy. He’s scored 18 TDs in 5 years in the league so far… logic says o2.5 (?!) – The same bet at William Hill is 4/7.


A lot of these are either/or, or 1 in 4s, or multiples with one tempting and one not so much.

All 32 teams to score 250+ Regular Season total points – 6/1 – This is weird one. Last season only 2 teams went under 250 points. Browns are stronger this year, and the Giants welcome back Odell and bring in Barkley. Obviously a few teams are weaker, but interesting.

That’s the team specials. That’s all I got. Below are the player specials.

David Johnson, Melvin Gordon & LeSean McCoy all have 8+ Rushing TDs – 7/1 – DJ should, Melvin Gordon should, and if Shady plays, he SHOULD. Obviously it’s all injury dependent. Looks good.

Zeke most rushing yards and Bosa most sacks – 33/1 – As I said, I think Zeke will be rushing leader, so that leaves Bosa to lead sacks. I love Joey Bosa. He just doesn’t stop. He’ll be up there in sacks. He got 12.5 of the Chargers 43 sacks last year.

William Hill

Jarvis Landry u1050 yards – 5/6 – I asked Redzone for this hoping to hit under 1,000 yards, they priced it at 850.5 yards. 4/5 either side. So we’ve got a lovely ARB-ing situation here. A HUGE 200 yards middle for us to hit for the season. Take the o850 at Redzone and u1050 at William Hill for a very good chance to middle or minimal loss.

Also a chance to ARB on the C.Patt TDs bet. He’s u2.5 at 5/4 on Will hill, and 6/4 for over that on Redzone. Win either way there.

Bills and TB both to finish 4th in their divisions – 9/2 over at Will Hill, just over 3/1 at Redzone. Well played Hills. Nice odds. I have mentioned about being down on both of these teams, but also my apprehension of the fact i’m so negative on them!

BUF Und 6.5 Wins, NYG Ov 6.5 Wins, BAL Ov 7.5 Wins, HOU Ov 8.5 Wins & GB, LAR & NO Ov 9.5 Wins – 28/1 – Far too many variables for it to be worth a bet, but, for the record I’ve got all this happening.

NE, PITT, JAX, HOU, PHIL, LAR, NO, GB, SF & NYG All To Make Playoff – 500/1 – As above, far too many variables, but in fairness, it’s actually not ridiculous and for the odds, meh.


Nothing. Don’t like the multiples they’ve put together. Things like win the division and X player to be MVP or DMVP etc… Don’t like it.

So out of the 100s of these build your own bets out there, these are the ones that have caught my eye.

In summary. I’m down on the Bills, Raiders, Cowboys.

I think Zeke will be top rusher.

Carl Lawson be very well known come next year.

A few good spots to take a middle between WillHill and Redzone.

Also, Signup for Redzone to help me keep the site free.


There’s no specific “Bet this” on this page, just a lot of the build-your-bets markets that caught my eye.

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