It begins…

The end of the regular season may seem like a strange time to start doing my own Blog on the NFL, however after the demise of Goalsandfoals where I started doing a little bit of tipping, I find myself in need of a home, and something to occupy my time. – I’ll be using the offseason to try and increase my presence on twitter and get myself a few more followers, currently get around 50 people viewing my picks on Goalsandfoals, which isn’t a huge amount, but I may of at least helped someone out over the last couple of months

Just a little about me, I’m Adam, @cavey007 on twitter and I’ve been following NFL for a decade or so now, but this season really got involved with it, thanks mainly to the Fantasy football (which is brilliant even though I lost in my championship match), I listen to 20+ hours of information a week, so figured that I could use this to try and make some money on Sunday evenings. Which currently I’m around 10 points down on the bets I’ve posted, however I have had a few tidy wins away from the posted bets, which have sorted me personally.

I’m a Bengals fan, so it helps that they’ve had a very good season as well!

My aim is to be completely transparent, not post constant affiliate links, and to never charge for tips. At the end of the day they’re tips, it’s your choice to follow them or not, I’m just looking to help you find some money in markets you may not have looked at before. Speaking of which, my current favourite market is only available on Skybet, and is the Both players to score market. With a little research (and a bit of luck) it can turn into a nice little earner – I recently had my biggest win of 30pts on a patent, which has pretty much guaranteed me profit for the few months I’ve been betting on NFL. – So, onwards and upwads!

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