Playoff weekend – Sunday 17th Jan

So, yesterday didn’t go to plan, not sure what was up with Spencer Ware, but i’m counting that as void as he didn’t step foot on the pitch. Knew I was taking a risk with Conley and Nelson, Conley finished 4 yards short of his target, mainly because they played a crippled Maclin for the first 3 quarters.

On to today’s matches, the first one up at 1800 is probably the most exciting of the weekend, with the Seahawks visiting the 15-1 Panthers who welcome back main RB Jonathon Stewart to add to their weapons on offence. The Seahawks have been the most potent offence in the league in the last month of the regular season, Wilson and Baldwin hooking up for loads of TDs and involving young Tyler Lockett in the picture as well. They also welcome back their main RB, as Marshawn Lynch (probably) returns from surgery.

The Panthers won the league matchup 27-23 in October with Stewart rushing 20 times. The Seahawks have been stronger since then, and it’s a very tough match to call again, as the playoffs usually are.

Total points is set to 44, I think that’s quite low with the offensive weapons these two teams have, so i’ll have a bit of that.

o44 total points @ 10/11 – (2pts) WIN

Olsen Anytime @ 11/10 – Lockett anytime @ 17/10 – Kearse anytime @ 12/5 (1pt each) all WIN

Olsen and Lockett anytime @ 6/1 (1pt Skybet) WIN

The late match see the filthy cheating Steelers take a trip to Mile High stadium to get beaten by the boringly efficient Broncos, and as much as it hurts to say it, i’d rather the Steelers won, at least they are interesting to watch, the Broncos however are not, so for the sake of entertainment I hope the Steelers win, as they did a month ago in the same situation, although they did have leagues best WR Antonio Brown playing, who is ruled out this week due to concussion following the fucking ridiculous assualt from Burfict last week.

The pressure for points will fall onto Martavis Bryants shoulders for the Steelers who pulled off a frankly miraculous catch last week in the Bengals match up, and is capable of anything he wants, second in line will be Marcus Wheaton, and you’d have to expect Heath Miller to get a fair bit of attention (although I did predict the same last week and that went tits up) – On the ground Toussaint and Todman actually looked quite effective against the Bengals so it wouldn’t surprise me if either of them manage a score.

I just can’t get excited about the Broncos side, they have Peyton Manning back at QB, which isn’t really a good thing, he was one of the worst QBs in the league at the start of the season, they’re WRs are nothing to shout about, neither are their RBs, although CJ Anderson is a very capable runner when he gets going.

Bryant anytime @ 6/5 (1pt) 2 or more @ 12/1 (0.5pt)

(Taking a risk again on) Heath Miller 037.5 yards @ 4/5 (1pt)

Todman o41.5 combined yards @ 4/5 (1pt)

Special teams/Defensive TD @ 7/4 (1pt)

Steelers to score in every quarter @ 7/1 (0.5pt) – Got to take a punt on this at those odds, the Broncos Defence is very very good, but they’re huge odds – WIN


Bryant/Olsen anytime double @ 3.6 (1pt)


12 pt outlay – Returned 23 pts, 11 pts up, but -7.5 on the year so far

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