38 days to go! Top WR thoughts @FootbawlTips

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Training camps have kicked off and the season is drawing ever closer, there will be some sort of football, whether training camps, pre-season or league games every weekend from now until February!

I’ve been having a look around and trying to find some value in early markets for the top receievers, and rushers in the league (posted tomorrow.) I did find a market for individual players targets, and was going to make some recommendations based on them, but it seems to have disappeared (Had AJ Green O/U 1300 yards) so instead i’m going to have to post some thoughts on top players instead. Each way gives you 1/4 odds on the them finishing top 3.

Obviously Antonio Brown and Julio Jones head the receivers markets, both of them getting over 1800 yards last season, I can’t argue with those two being there and it seems likely that at least one of the two will be up there come the end of the season, but in trying to justify a value pick, if Lev Bell is back fit and ready to go after his suspension (if it happens) then that will take a few targets away from Brown, and Julio now has Sanu as a WR2 (or 3) in Atlanta which may drop his figures slightly. While I don’t see a big drop from either player there could be recession

A player who has gone the other way and at the moment is the only proven target on their team is AJ Green, with Dalton returning healthy (after missing the end of last season) he should see a healthy increase in targets, and being a top5 receiver he will make them count. At 16/1 (PP and Ladbrokes) I think he’s decent value in this category

Keenan Allen is another intriguing player at 33/1 (BetVictor) he was on target for a mammoth year last year before suffering a lacerated kidney and missing the second half of the season. He was on 725 yards from 8 games last season, so on target for 1500 yards, which would of put him top 5, if he’d made the whole season, and I know he’s highly rated in Fantasy football circles because of that fact.

Amari Cooper (33/1 Ladbrokes) and Doug Baldwin (50/1 Ladbrokes) are the final two catching my eye at bigger prices, but both come with big risks, Cooper could be in line for a breakout year having dropped off at the end of his rookie season, I am keen on the Raiders and he and Crabtree will be big pieces in their offence, if he doesn’t suffer a sophomore slump I can see him top 10 at least. Baldwin is risky for other reason, he finished the season on fire, his catch efficiency was off the charts, but will he keep that up, he caught more in half a season than he had in 2 whole seasons before that, and with Rawls hoping to be back for week 1 and having invested heavily in RBs will they return to the running game. I wouldn’t advise these, but may be worth keeping an eye on.

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