9 days left – AFC West predictions – @FootbawlTips

Onto the very tight looking AFC West, home of last seasons Superbowl winners the Denver Broncos, who have lost a few players in the off season, one of the joys of being a Superbowl winner is that everyone wants to get paid, and if you don’t pay them, usually someone else will. Malik Jackson to Jacksonville and Brock Osweiler to Houston being the most notable moves. Osweiler is no real loss, to me, he didn’t really show anything and was eventually dropped and replaced by statistically the worst ranking QB in the league last year who led them to that win in February. We all know that was due to their Defence, which was mighty impressive last year to say the least. I really doubt they can replicate that and create wins for a team that hasn’t really improved on offence, and have Trevor Siemian behind centre who has shown little in pre-season other than plodding the team down the field.

Last year the KC Chiefs finished the regular season winning 10 in a row, and were another team who were very handy on defence, Eric Berry, has just signed the franchise tag to keep him at the team, and Justin Houston will should be back mid season to help out again. With Jamaal Charles back in the running game after being very well deputised by Char. West and Spencer Ware when he went down with an ACL injury early last season, they should be effective again. Alex Smith will do his job at QB and Jeremy Maclin will make a few plays, they’ll be a solid team once more.

The Oakland Raiders looked a good, young, improving offence last year and with another off season behind them, Carr, Cooper and Crabtree (not young) should improve again, and make them an exciting team to watch, they will have help from another improving young player at Tight End, the fantastically surnamed Clive Walford, who I think will have a good year. On defence they already looked quite solid, Khalil Mack is a brilliant player at defensive end, and strengthened by taking Reggie Nelson from Cincy after he had his career best year. I believe they’ll be a much improved team this year.

The final team in the division are the San Diego Chargers who had last season destroyed by injury, and don’t seem to be having much luck this year yet either. WR Keenan Allen was on target for 1400+ yards last year after starting the year on fire, before he suffered a lacerated Kidney, he obviously links well with veteran throwing (and baby making) machine Phillip Rivers, so there’s no reason he can’t carry that on. The bust of last year for the team with first draft pick Melvin Gordon, who, well, he failed, massively, scoring as many TDs in the league as I did. However his college record suggests he just had a bad year, and with the team so completely beat up it’s not that big a surprise. My bold prediction is that he’ll score more TDs than me this season. They have finally signed their top draft pick of this seasons draft ready for week 4 of pre-season, but that means he’s missed the whole of the last month or two so he’ll take a while to get up to speed.

Denver Broncos – 

Carolina – L, Colts – W, @Bengals – L, @Tampa – W, Atlanta – W, @Chargers – L, Texans – L, Chargers – W, @Oakland – L, @Saints – W, Bye, Chiefs – W, @Jags – L, @Titans – L,  Patriots – L, @Chiefs – L, Oakland – W


Kansas City Chiefs – 

Chargers – W, @Texans – W, Jets – L, @Steelers – W, Bye, @Oakland – L, Saints – W, @Colts – L, Jags – W, @Carolina – L, Tampa – W, @Broncos – L, @Atlanta – W, Oakland – W, Titans – W, Broncos – W, @Chargers – W.


Oakland Raiders – 

@Saints – L, Atlanta – W, @Titans – L, @Ravens – W, Chargers – W, Chiefs – W, @Jags – L, @Tampa – L, Denver – W, Bye, Texans – W, Carolina – W, Bills – W, @Chiefs – L, Chargers – W, Colts – L, @Denver – L


San Diego Chargers – 

@Chiefs – L, Jags – W, @Colts – W, Saints – W, @Oakland – L, Denver – W, @Atlanta – L, @Denver – L, Titans – W, Miami – W, Bye, @Texans – L, Tampa – W, @Carolina – L, Oakland – L, @Browns – W, Chiefs – L


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