13 Days to go – AFC South Predictions – @FootbawlTips

Less than 2 weeks to go until Thursday night football kicks off the season.

I move onto the AFC South.

The Texans, Colts, Jaguars and Titans. The division with most changes in the off season.

The Texans start with $17m, a year man Brock Osweiler behind centre, despite him only playing 20odd games in his life, at college and NFL level. It’s a big gamble as he’s shown hardly anything so far in his career. They have one of the best Defences in the league though and Clowney has been showing in pre-season why he was the first overall pick in 2014. They added a few playmakers in Lamar Miller, Braxton Miller, Will Fuller to help out Deandre ‘nuk’ Hopkins who was one of the best last term.

The Colts will be hoping Andrew Luck stays fit after giving him the biggest contract in NFL history, they have improved their offensive line in the draft, which was essentially to try and protect Luck. TY Hilton is a solid WR, and Dante Moncrief is predicted by many to have a breakout season as they look to return to the playoffs. Frank Gore is still there at RB, with little competition, so will carry a lot of the load.

The Jaguars could be the most improved team in the league if their pieces all fit together, they welcome back last years no.1 overall pick Dante Fowler after he was injured for the whole year and he’s looked every bit the player they expected in training camp, they also signed Superbowl winner Mailk Jackson from Denver. They picked up Myles Jack and Jaelen Ramsey in the draft 2 of the top prospects, Jack fell due to long term worries over his knee. Along with an Offence that was one of the highest scoring and exciting in the league last year with Blake Bortles throwing to the two Allens (Robinson and Hurns) makes them a great team to watch.

The Titans had a massive amount of picks in the draft, and used one well to pick up Derrick Henry, a giant of an RB with deceptively good feet, he’ll add some Thunder to the Thunder of DeMarco Murray in their “Exotic Smashmouth” offence, which should be entertaining to watch at least, although they are still coached by Mike Mularky who, lets be nice, doesn’t have the best of NFL coaching records

Houston Texans –

Bears – W, Chiefs – L, @Patriots – W, Titans – W, @Vikings – L, Colts – W, @Denver – W, Lions – W, Bye, @Jags – L, @Oakland – L, Chargers – W, @Green Bay – L, @COlts – W, Jags – W, Bengals – W, @Titans – W


Indianapolis Colts – 

Lions – W, @Denver – L, Chargers – L, @Jags – L, Bears – W, @Houston – L, @Titans – L, Chiefs – W, @Green Bay – L, Bye, Titans – W, Steelers – L, @Jets – L, Texans – L, @Vikings, L, @Oakland – W, Jags – W


Jacksonville Jaguars – 

Green Bay – W, @Chargers – L,  Ravens – W, Colts – W, Bye, @Bears – L, Oakland – W, @Titans – W, @Chiefs – L, Texans – W, @Lions – L, @Bills – L, Denver – W, VIkings – W, @Texans – L, Titans – W, @Colts – L


Tennessee Titans – 

Vikings – L, @Lions – L, Oakland – W, @Texans – L, @Dolphins – L, Browns – L, Colts – W, Jags – L, @Chargers – L, Green Bay – L, @Colts – L, @Bears – W, Bye, Broncos – W, @Chiefs – L, @Jags – L, Texans – L


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