Andy Bs week 6 tantalising treble – @Andy_B_NFLtips

As week 6 approaches we start to find teams and players either successfully or unsuccessfully answering questions regarding their performance. This week we should find out whether Dak Prescott belongs at QB over the returning Tony Romo, whether the Bengals can kick on from a 2-3 start by beating the Tom Brady led 4-1 Pats and what happens when the Falcons 35ppg #1 ranked offense meets the Seahawks 13.5ppg #2 ranked defense. In divisional play this week we see the Chiefs and Raiders once again coming together for what should be a hard fought battle and a rather surprising battle for last place between the Panthers and Saints.
Jags vs Bears – Winning Margin. Jags 7-12 6/1.
A battle of whose poor is better than the others I fear from these two teams. The Bears are second in the league in yards per play but 30th in scoring 29th on third down and 20th in the red zone. This is a microcosm of Jay Cutlers career, very good when nobody cares and terrible when it matters. Brian Hoyer as a replacement to Cutler’s sprained finger has been sufficient and rookie Running Back Jordan Howard has looked very good since taking the start.
In Jacksonville, speed, youth, potential and talent haven’t resulted in a good start to the season. A 0-3 start was snapped with a week 4 victory over the Colts and coming off of a bye week this team should be refreshed and ready for the Bears.
I feel that the Jags are a team ready to make some moves in the South with no dominant team patrolling the division. I anticipate that the Jags D will be able to stand up to the Bears and the Jags to come out victorious by 8/10 points.
Panthers vs Saints – Points Band. 41-50
Last season, this game would have had implications for the top of the division. This season, not so much. Both teams have shown flashed of average bordering poor play. Both teams are averaging similar numbers on offense and defense and I expect this game to be reasonably close in the 20/25 point range for each squad.
Cowboys vs Packers – Tribet. Any Other Result

Two teams in differing positions than expectations would have suggested pre-season. Losing Tony Romo to a broken back lead many Cowboys fans to fear the worst regarding the first half of this season, however, despite losing Dez Bryant for 2 games this young tough team has responded to sit atop of the East at 4-1. Conversly, the Packers returning a backfield of depth and quality while welcoming Jordy Nelson back into the line-up must have felt the NFL North crown coming once again to Lambeau Field. The pressure on the Packers from a Vikings squad that has lost Adrian Peterson and Teddy Bridgewater is telling, despite a 3-1 record Aaron Rodgers is statistically the worst quarterback in the league and in 4 games they have amassed a 15pt difference between offense and defense.
I suspect this game could go either way with potentially a late field goal settling the score. Take the any other score tribet for a 6 point swing in the victory margin.

Week 6 Triple pays 75/1.

Good Luck

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