Suggested team records for next season, O/U (well, before Free agency anyway)

So as I mentioned in the previous post, Steve Fezzik – @FezzikSports (2 time winner of the Superbowl of sports betting) took the plunge and posted what he believed to be the wins/losses for all the teams for next season, let’s take a look at them. ( – Also on the Ross Tucker even money podcast, which is a great listen week in, week out.

Bear in mind the NFC was posted by him on the 23rd of Feb and the AFC was even earlier on the 17th, so well before free agency, so it’s difficult to judge what he would choose if he had to re-do it now. I can’t imagine the Redskins would be at 8.5!

NFC East

Dal 10, Wash 8.5, NYG 8, Philly 7

NFC North

GB 10.5, Min 8, Det 8, Chic 6

NFC South

Atl 9, Car 8.5, TB 8, NO 7.5

NFC West

Sea 10, Az 8.5, LA 5.5, SF 4.5

For me… I’d be taking the overs on the Redskins, Giants, Buccs. –

The Unders on Carolina, Rams, possibly even the Packers and Cowboys, though with my own money probably wouldn’t touch it.

The others, I think they’re about right. Nothing horribly wrong anyway.


NE 11.5  Mia 8.5 Buf 7 NYJ 6


Pit 10 Balt 9 Cin 8 Clev 4.5


Ten 8.5 Hou 8.5 Indy 8.5 Jax 6


Oak 9.5 KC 9 Den 9 LA 6.5

The AFC… Overs on the Jags?! (Do I really want to join that bandwagon again?!) The Chargers. I actually really like the chargers, if they somehow manage to not get a player injured every week and get a decent change of pace back to replace Woodhead (McCaffrey?!) then who knows.

Unders on the Bengals, Broncos, Jets. Possibly even the Raiders with the announcement of them moving to Vegas in a couple of years, could be a toxic environment in the black hole, but again, wouldn’t put any cash near it.

Other than those, I think he’s got them spot on, even without knowing what was going to happen in Free agency.

It will be interesting to see how it all falls when the numbers are released in the summer, and once the draft is over and analysed., I guess this again is a bit of a moot post, but it should give an idea of where i’m leaning at this early point in the off season before everything gets mixed up again in a month or so.

And hell, the Bengals have 11 picks, so they can fix their decimated O line, lack of reliable run game, lack of targets to help AJ Green and coaching defiencies, right?! But hang on, no, they’ll bench all rookies for a year then play them for one, trade them and get a load more picks in the future.


Adam, @TouchdownTips


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