Podcasts I listen to

I have had quite a few people asking what pods they should listen to, so figured I should do a little post on a bank holiday Monday with info on the ones I listen to, feel free to tweet/DM me with recommendations of others I should be listening to.

A mix of fantasy, gambling and general NFL based stuff, during the season I listen to about 4 hours a day, a little less during the off-season where I move on to audiobooks for a little bit of a break. I’ll split them down a little, US-Based, UK-Based…

I use Podcast addict on android to listen to my pods, you can set times for it to auto-update so I have all available pods downloaded at 4am each day, can also set it to auto-delete once you’ve listened to them or when a new one is downloaded if you want, very tidy app. AND the most important thing for me… speed control, I listen to most at 1.5x speed. Still seem to take in the majority of the information but I just don’t have time to get through them otherwise.

US-Based –

Around the NFL –

The “flagship” show on NFL.com, Dan Hanzus, Chris Wessling, Gregg Rosenthal and Marc Sessler are brilliant, a mix of comedy, some regular bits and news on the NFL, around an hour per show, 3 shows per week in general, although down to 2 soon over the summer. I’ll be honest this is usually my first listen when I’ve got a few to go through in the day. – GENERAL

NFL Fantasy live –

Good info straight from the NFL, can get a little annoying at times, but there’s a lot of information to be garnered from it if you listen through it, different cast most weeks other than James Koh hosting and Alex Gelhar (supports Liverpool) who are pretty regular there. – FANTASY

I do like the Dave Dameshek show, but haven’t been on that too much recently, it’s more random and more humour based than the ATL guys, but I had to cut out some pods so moved on. Sorry Dave. The fact he’s a Steeler fan had nothing to do with it.

The Move the sticks pod is good pre-draft as well, DJ and Bucky are former scouts/coaches/GMs in the NFL and they know their stuff.

The Football Guys –

Cecil Lammey (Denver beat-writer) and Sigmund Bloom (Fantasy-nerd), in general, with the help of a few others, Jene Bramel, the doctor, being especially helpful after a dodgy looking injury or two. They do quite a few shows each week, fantasy based, the audible being the main one to listen to, there’s a DFS show out Friday night/Saturday mornings which comes in handy, and they have the quickest releases on reviewing the weeks action of the pods I listen to as well. Recorded in a low bit-rate so doesn’t sound the best quality, but the content is very useful.- FANTASY

The FFBallers (Fantasy footballers) –

I would imagine they’re the most popular of the bunch, 3 guys from Arizona who formed the pod whilst working in a bank, good humour and good content again, the ultimate draft kit they put out each year is very impressive, this is their full time occupation now so their shows are very well done and the work they do well-researched. During the season there’s a DFS pod they do which lands on Friday/Saturdays. – FANTASY

The Fantasy football guys –

Tough one, not the most knowledgeable, not the most reliable, not the most accurate information all the time… BUT, they’re quite enjoyable to listen to, a lot of back and forth, in-jokes and banter between them, and they put the hours in, they’ve been playing fantasy for like 15 years now so they’ve got the experience.- FANTASY

Ross Tucker football podcast –

More general NFL chat, Ross does a lot of work with different people on different shows each day, my personal favourites are with Andrew Brandt (former GM of the Packers) on Wednesdays, they offer a very good insight into the game. – GENERAL

Fantasy feast –

Another Ross Tucker vehicle with the stupidly good Evan Silva joining him on a weekly basis to help with fantasy picks for the week and reviewing the previous week. – FANTASY

Even Money –

The first betting related pod on my list, Ross Tucker again, with Steve Fezzik, as you’ll learn… the only 2 time winner of the Super contest at the Southpoint in Vegas. One of my main listens for the week as it’s more betting related, they pretty much only play handicaps, but Steve does offer the odd prop bet to get involved with. – BETTING

Sports Gambling Podcast – SGP –

One of them won $200k on draftkings this year and is a comedian, the other is the blackest sounding white guy around, an Eagle fan and a Giants fan, as you can imagine there’s a lot of banter. Don’t expect professionalism like the NFL guys, they swear, bitch and argue about stuff. It’s a tough listen if you’re used to the NFL stuff BUT… It’s pretty good when you accept it’s just a couple of guys who have a laugh and have a better betting record than I did last season. They do a bit of everything, NBA, Golf, NFL, they even mentioned NHL the other week! Also a few other hosts for EPL. – BETTING

Sharp football podcast –

Warren Sharp is the nerdiest of nerds, and well worth a follow on twitter, he comes out with some ridiculous stat-based information and his ‘true strength of schedule’ is well worth keeping up to date with. All available, for free on sharpfootballstats.com – https://www.sharpfootballstats.com/2018-strength-of-schedule.html for example! He does a couple of shows weekly and usually gets Evan Silva on as well, that’s a good enough endorsement for me. – BETTING, FANTASY

Rotoworld –

Talking of Evan Silva… this is his website, and Josh Norris does the regular podcast for them, I like Josh, he is chummy with Joe Goodberry and references his comment quite frequently when talking Bengals, again mainly fantasy based, but very useful. – FANTASY


During the season they produce 2 or 3 shows a week concentrating on DFS, Draftkings and Fanduel in particular, one show the cash games, one the big tournament picks, there’s either a re-cap on the first of them or a standalone re-cap show – FANTASY

That’s seems a lot more than I actually realised for the American based ones, so onto the British based…

UK Based podcasts – They’re pretty much all general football rather than being specialised too much

The Gridiron Gentlemen –

If you’ve got a couple of hours to kill and like in-depth accounts of practically everything you could ever think about then this one is probably for you. Over the off-season they do weekly shows on top 10 position groups, as an example, this week was top 10 offensive lines… it clocked in at 1:52:01… They really get into what they talk about! A very good listen if you’re a nerd like myself. But probably worth a go on 1.5x speed! – GENERAL

Brits in the endzone –

More of an Around the NFL type podcast than most of the others in the UK, same kind of thing, and a main host and a few good mates joking about the game, mainly aimed at fantasy, but they cover a little of everything in an easy listening manner, and I’ve had a few bits put on their website. Also one of them set up (I think he set it up) Linkey to try and help the homeless in London, that’s a good a reason as any to listen to them. – FANTASY

The Gridiron show –

The show that’s recorded 20% louder than all the rest! – Podcast for the Gridiron magazine, as far as I’m aware the easiest to find UK based NFL magazine. Will and Olly are good, both work for Talksport as well as Gridiron mag, they have more access than anyone else in the UK, and even have Neil Reynolds writing on a monthly basis for them now. Talking of which…– GENERAL

Inside the huddle –

Neil Reynolds and Jeff Reinbold calling in on a 1950s telephone line each week. It is what it is, great knowledge from the two of them of course, audio quality isn’t exactly the best though. – GENERAL

The NFL Show, the Nat Coombs show –

The pod version of the weekly talksport2 show hosted by Nat Coombs. It’s a 2 hour show on the radio, mainly NFL, about half of it, but a look across the other yank sports as well and some brilliant interviews with people as well, Britball guys, Alistair Kirkwood (head of NFL UK) and people like Alex Jenkins to name but a few. I particularly enjoyed this weeks with sports editor for the independent Ed Malyon talking about the place the sports journalism is at at the moment. – GENERAL

Waxing Lyrical –

Mainzs and Dutts talk fantasy, as you’d expect from Scousers they like to talk and generally keep it pretty light, Dutts pops up on a few other podcasts every now and then and is always a good listen – GENERAL

The Fumble –

Vernon Kay and the not-quite-as-famous-as-his-namesake-Darren Fletcher have a weekly show (during the season anyway) discussing the game and getting off on a tangent occasionally, another good easy listen – GENERAL

Ninety-nine yards –

Podcast of Liz and the guys/girls over at NFL Girl UK, the natural progression for (I believe) the biggest UK based NFL website, they’ve been quiet since the end of the regular season. – GENERAL

Across the pond –

UK based betting related podcast, Thom and Joe are a great listen, I hope they’re still doing it seeing as they didn’t do anything from week 13 onwards until a little one for the AFC Title game (with Joe being a Pats fan) I’ve had good interactions with Thom on twitter and he seems a nice chap! – BETTING

The Full 10 yards –

I’ve only just found and started listening to these, so can’t give much of a review, they’re getting people on at the moment to talk state of the franchise, and they’ve invited me on to talk betting, so they may well be giving me my podcast debut at some point in the future! – GENERAL

Kickers matter –

Jack, I’ll be honest, I haven’t got around to listening to any yet. I know, I suck, but I’ve got a lot to listen to each week and just haven’t found the time! BUT I know Jack Humphrey pretty well from twitter and know that he’ll put together a decent pod… That Stevie Ray bloke seems all right too I guess – GENERAL

I THINK that’s about it… safe to say I have a lot to listen to during most weeks, one of the main benefits of being a Postman is that I have about 4 hours each day to walk around listening to whatever.

I am pondering, during the season, doing a short couple of minutes summing up my bets, but the issue is that I’m usually waiting for lines to become available on Saturday night/Sundays so I’m not sure it would really be much use on such short notice.

Anyways, hope there’s a few on here that are new to you guys and can be of some help in fantasy or betting during the season.


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