TouchdownTips Fantasy Guillotine League – AND MFL bestball leagues

Guillotine league!

I floated this idea on my feed a few weeks back and had a fair bit of interest, so thought I’d try and get some ground-rules down on it. Feed back welcome…

From what I can tell, I can set it all up on Fleaflicker easy enough.

The Basics –

We start with 17 teams, do a slow, email draft. – It will be a league based on scoring only, no H2H, lowest scoring team each week gets eliminated from the league and all players from that roster go on to the waiver wire. – 14 man rosters with 17 teams means 238 players originally drafted. – This will leave the final 2 SUPERTEAMS to face off in week 16.

Scoring will be 0.5 PPR.

Rosters will be 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 WR/RB/TE FLEX – 7 Starters, 7 Bench slots, so a 14 round draft – No Kickers or Defence.

Waiver pick ups will be done via FAAB, with a $200 budget for the season – $0 bids are open. – Basically, a blind auction system. If you want a player you put a bid in, whoever bids the highest amount gets that player. Obviously there should be an extra, probably 4 top, top players available to the remaining teams each week, so the line between trying to get those guys and budgeting for the rest of the season, if you think you’ll be progressing that far, will be a tough one to figure out!

Trading between teams is OFF from Week 1 (I couldn’t turn it off completely). Waivers and Free Agency will be the only.

Entry –

  • I’m thinking £10 Entry, –  £120 to the winner, £30 to second, £10 for third.

£10 will go to myself for admin as I’m going to have to manually delete a team and make sure everything is going well through the season – But, mainly it will go towards keeping the site running as I make £0 per year from the weekly write ups that I usually put about 5-6 hours into, tips and paying for wordpress/domain names etc – (about £80 per year for that alone…) Apologies if this just seems like I’m doing it to try and get money for myself, but I put a shit load of work into this site on a weekly basis for very little reward and don’t want to try and charge monthly fees for “tips”.

Payment will be via paypal as I can set up separate holding pots and keep everything away from my main account quite easily on there now.

If you’re interested drop me a message on twitter or email me at – Once I’ve got the league filled I’ll send you the link to pay by paypal and then the code to enter the league once the money has been transferred, once we’re filled we’ll get the slow, email draft started. These usually take a week or so.

Hopefully this is suitable for anyone who wants to play –

I would say good luck but obviously I want to win, so screw you guys.




MFL10s – Pay bestball leagues

I’m also looking at setting up a few £10 MFL bestball leagues depending on demand – In the UK we can’t play any pay-for-bestball leagues, neither on MFL or Draft, so through @StevieTRay on twitter I got invited to a few that have been set up by @jonnyboyrev and thought it was a good idea.

They’ll mirror the standard MFL10 format – 12 teams, 20 man squads – £100 to the winner, £10 to second, £10 towards this site.

I know there’s a couple of people who have asked about pay for leagues recently (Jamie…) so using the same method as above – £10 via paypal I think I could get a few sorted out easily enough and I know there’s a lot of guys on twitter who are interested every time I mention any fantasy football league.

The beauty of bestball leagues is that they’re draft only. Once you’ve picked your squad the game takes care of your roster each week by picking the best players for you each week based on roster requirements.

Again, DM me, or email me at for information on these and I’ll get them all collated and invites sent out.

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