TDTips Playoff competition

We made it to the post-season! All 256 were played and it’s time for the playoffs.

Of course we’ll have Draftkings contests running for the weekend, and advice over at But we’re also running a pool for the entire playoffs.

It will take place on which you’ll be familiar with if you entered the Redzonesports contest over the last couple of years.

It is £25 entry to my paypal, with £24 going towards the prize pool, and £1 for admin (runyourpool charge depending on amount of entries) – Depending on entries it will either be winner takes all, or if there’s a significant amount of entries (20+) I’ll sort something for top 3 as well.

To enter please send money to PAYPAL with your twitter handle in the details, or contact details and I’ll send you the link to enter the contest.

Each week you’ll pick all the games against the spread (lines provided by runyourpool and updated on Tuesdays, and already there for week 1) and the total of each game. You score 10 points for getting the correct side on the spread, and up to 10 points on the total depending how close you get to the correct answer.

Entries close at 1700 on SATURDAY NIGHT which should give me enough time to get you into the group and for you to get your picks in.

Scoring is below

Points per win10
Difference from total scorePoints received

Hope that all makes sense, if not let me know and I’ll answer questions on twitter.

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