TDTips Playoff Competition 2022

Hellllllllooooooo all, the season is over, 271 (and a postponement) games have been completed so we’re down to the final 13 games of the season.

After the success of the season-long competition on RunYourPool, congratulations to Dave Gray for winning over £3,000 for first place, I’ve decided to get a Playoff Competition on the go as well, it will again be on RunYourPool as it makes admin easier for me, and it will be affordable at £26 (£25 for the pot and £1 per entry for fees on RYP) with top 3 getting paid out – 70/20/10% as I did with the season-long contest.

Now, things are a little different on RYP for the Playoff Pool, but quite easily understandable…

  • Pick the winner against the spread – 10 points for a correct selection
  • Pick the total points in each game, 10 points for an exact hit and -1 for each point away from the correct total.

That’s it. Nice and simple.

I ran this last year and got 28 entrants, hopefully, we’ll exceed that this year, but I appreciate I have left it late, I’ve been pondering methods of accepting payments as Monzo kicked off at me for the season-long. So…we’ll go with Paypal – please send £26 to > Goods and Services with the reference of “Playoff Tips” – They’ll get their fee and I can pass it off as a tipping service should the need arise.

Money will be withdrawn to an account on Sunday and winners will be paid out the week after the Super Bowl, should be Monday, but who knows what will happen if the Bengals happen to win it!

Once funds have arrived I’ll send a link for the contest and you’re ready to go.

If you can DM me on twitter or drop an email to after sending money it gives me a second reference for each entrant and another way of contacting you if you win or place.

Hope that all makes sense,



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