17 Days – AFC North – Predictions… @FootbawlTips

Only two and a half weeks until the big kick off with the Superbowl rematch taking place on Thursday the 8th of September! Should be a cracking match, I can’t see the result being the same as last February though.

So I figured I would try something that could potentially be embarrassing and could well prove that I do, in fact know nothing about the NFL come the end of the season, but hey, it’s the preseason and there’s not much else to do other than to entertain myself and try and figure out who’s going to do what in the forthcoming season.

Going to start with the AFC North, mainly because the team I support are there, and well, I’ve got to start somewhere, so i’ll go through the fixtures and give my prediction of Win of Loss for each match and see what i’m left with at the end of it all (in alphabetical order)

Baltimore Ravens 

Buffalo – W, @Browns – W, @Jaguars – L, Raiders – L, Redskins – L, @Giants – L, @Jets – W, Bye, Steelers – W, Browns – L, @Dallas – L, Bengals – W, Dolphins – W, @Patriots – L, Eagles – W, @Steelers – L, @Bengals – L

Final record; 7-9

Cincinnati Bengals – 

@Jets – L, @Steelers – W, Broncos – W, Dolphins – W, @Dallas – W (Just), @Patriots – L, Browns – W, Redskins (London) – W, Bye, @Giants – L, Bills – W, @Ravens – L, Eagles – W, @Browns – L, Steelers – W, Texans – L, Ravens – W

Final Record; 10-6

Cleveland Browns – 

@Eagles – W, Ravens – L, @Dolphins – W, @Redskins – L, Patriots – L, @Titans – W, @Bengals – L, Jets – L, Dallas – L, @Ravens – W, Steelers – L, Giants – L, Bye, Bengals – W, @Bills – W, Chargers – L, @Steelers – L

Final Record; 6-10

Pittsburgh Steelers –

@Redskins – L, Bengals – L, @Eagles – W, Chiefs – L, Jets – W, @Dolphins – W, Patriots – W, Bye, @Ravens – L, Dallas – W, @Browns – W, @Colts – W, Giants- W, @Bills – W, @Bengals – L, Ravens – W, Browns – W

Final Record; 11-5

So it looks like I’ve somehow got the Steelers winning the division, despite losing twice to the Bengals (may be some unintentional supporter bias there) – I’m not sure my  betting will necessarily follow these predictions come game time, but on the 22 of August, that’s what i’m thinking!

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