15 Days to go – AFC East predictions – @FootbawlTips

Just over 2 weeks until kick off!

Time to concentrate on the East and I can confidently say without my game by game W-L that the Patriots will be winning this division, their 2 tight end sets are going to be extremely difficult to play against and could lead them to the Superbowl again this year *yawn*

The other teams in the division will be fighting it out for 2nd place, well, when I say fighting, one of them HAS to finish second, i’m not sure how much fight any of the other 3 teams are going to put up. The Bills are hit by a few issues, Suspensions, Injuries, Ryans… The Jets look good on paper, providing Fitzpatrick can get near to copying last years performance, and the Dolphins seem like they should be stronger, but their Defence has been atrocious so far in pre-season, and Ajayi/Foster haven’t exactly been blowing people away. Landry/Parker should be a decent 1/2 at WR though.

They play the AFC North teams once each so those matches are settled, I had the Bills and Dolphins performing poorly against that division…

Buffalo Bills

@Ravens – L, Jets – L, Cardinals – L, @Patriots – L, @Rams – W, 49ers – W, @Dolphins – L, Patriots – L, @Seahawks – L, Bye, Bengals – L, Jags – W, @Oakland – L, Steelers – L, Browns – L, Dolphins – W, @Jets – L


Miami Dolphins

@Seattle – L, @Patriots – L, Browns – L, @Bengals – L, Titans – W, Steelers – L, Bills – W, Bye, Jets – W, @Chargers – L, @Rams – W, 49ers – W, @Ravens – L, Cardinals – L, @Jets – L, @Bills – L, Patriots – W


New England Patriots

@Cardinals – L, Miami – W, Texans – L, Bills – W, Browns (Brady back) – W, Steelers – L, @Bills – W, Seattle – L, @49ers – W, @Jets – W, Rams – W, Ravens – W, @Broncos – W, Jets – W, Dolphins – L


New York Jets

Bengals – W, Bills – W, @Chiefs – L, Seahawks – L, @Steelers – L, @Cardinals – L, Ravens – L, @Browns – W, @Dolphins – L, Rams – W, Bye, Patriots – L, Colts – W, @49ers – W, Dolphins – W, @Patriots – L, Bills – W


So… Everyone is average apart from the Patriots, who, for some reason I don’t have dominating as much as I thought, playing against the NFC West is a tough ask for these teams, the Cardinals and the Seahawks are both top 5 teams this year in my eyes, while I think the teams will generally get a few wins back playing the Rams and the 49ers at least.


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