Week 7 – Twickenham – Rams v Giants – @TouchdownTips

So the international series makes it’s first visit to the home of Rugby, and it looks stunning (https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CvUVCKUWIAAwmOZ.jpg:large) , given the choice I’d of much preferred my Bengals to be playing here than Wembley, but oh well, my trip there next week won’t be any less amazing.

This matchup, kicking off at 1430 GMT tomorrow sees the Rams use a home match to host the Giants. The Rams, in an attempt to figure out the jet lag have been here all week, while the Giants arrived yesterday, however, the time difference for them isn’t quite as harsh. This match essentially kicks off at 630am LA time, so hopefully that extra time has allowed them to acclimatise to London life. Admittedly it’s still 930am NY time, but still, they shouldn’t need as much time to change their body clocks.

Of course the main focus is on a certain Mr. Beckham, and he wouldn’t want it any other way, his antics with the kicking net are beyond cringy, and i’m praying that he stays away from the army of camera men (and women) who are no doubt already gathered around the net waiting for the possible wedding after he bedded and proposed to said net last week…Seriously. ENOUGH, we get it, you are trying to see the funny side of your paddy a few weeks back and dampen the media hatred while simultaneously trying to prove that you do still enjoy the game… In fairness, on the field, Beckham has performed better than ever since his antics started, finishing last week (after going off the field with a “game ending” injury) with 222 yards and 2 TDs, the second being the game winner with a 66 yard run from a short throw, just burning the Ravens defence after an opportune slip from the covering corner. However his behaviour nearly cost him team the game, removing his helmet gave the Ravens a 15 yard headstart on the kick off. I have nothing against him, I think he’s brilliant, and I’m not even THAT fussed about his antics off the field, but when it could cost the team, then he needs to start learning. Anyway… Eli, because of OBJ had a pretty solid game himself, going for 403 yards and 3 TDs, however that also involved 2 INTs. He’s really struggled this year, and was basically the cause for the entire Beckham love story. Beckhams emergence in the last couple of weeks has led to a downturn in the fortunes of Sterling Shepard and Victor Cruz, however Shepard could see an upturn this week with the Rams desperately short in the secondary, and slot corner being their biggest weakness, if he runs his routes as they know he can, he could see a few extra targets. At RB for the Giants, it returns to being a big stinking mess. Rashad Jennings had been injured, leaving it ope for Orleans Darkwa, however he returned last week and muddied up the whole position again, Jennings should again start at RB, but no-one there is even slightly trust worthy.

The Rams, as said are very short in their secondary, which means it could ultimately be an entertaining high scoring game… ? And somehow last week Case Keenum was the secon drated QB in the fricking league, something that no-one in the right mind would of ever predicted. 321 yards, 3tds and 1int, and an impressive 27 of 32 throws led to that elevated score. The main recipient last week was Kenny Britt, who had been performing to a fairly solid level without hitting the endzone, until last week. He’d been averaging 65 yards a game for his previous 4, but last week added 2 TDs to his game to bring him to the attention of the fans. He finished last week (in a shootout) with 136 yards from 7 catches. Other mentions in the passing game include Brian Quick, Tavon Austin and Benny Cunningham, however that’s about all I need to say about those guys. One of them may catch a long TD, but I don’t know who. Their running game is Todd Gurley, the sophomore player should of been on target for leading rusher this year, but has looked, well, rushed. He’s been running into walls of players instead of letting the plays develop and waiting for a gap, this is mainly because teams have been stacking the box knowing that he’s their main player, and if you stopped him you stop the Rams. This was certainly true in the first few weeks, however Keenums’ slight increase in form should help Gurley in the run game as teams may not be able to shove everyone in the middle of the field.

I haven’t even mentioned the defences, the Giants don’t have an awful defence, although JPP has created certain pressures, he’s not been able to get hold of the QB as often as he’d like, even with his robo-glove instead of club. Janoris Jenkins has been a revelation in the Giants D, making 2 turnovers this year already, and this is a REVENGE game for him having been at the Rams for 4 years. Against some distinctly average QB/WR play, the Giants D should do ok. The Rams however are quite badly depleted there, which should play into the Giants hands.

Jay had this down as a low scoring game, I personally think it’ll be a little more entertaining, Beckham loves the spotlight and this is arguably the most attention he’ll get all year, only game on TV at that time, the UK media too retarded to realise there are other players, i’d imagine Gurley is the only other player most of them will mention. He’ll love it. If Eli has any sense he’ll follow the simple rule of ‘give it to your best player’ and Odell will eat.

I personally think the Giants will win, and it’ll be around a 7 point difference.

Tips for the match…You see that basket over there, you see it’s full of Eggs? Well, yeah, they’re all mine, all my eggs, in that one basket…these tips may make me a tad hypocritical and like I don’t actually know anything about NFL because they’re largely Odell Beckham based, but frankly, he’s the most likely to score in this match, you can’t take that away from him!

  • Giants by 7-12pts – 9/2 (skybet)
  • Giants win, Beckham anytime, o36.5pts – 3/1 (hate to tip this as it’s apparently a FootyAccums special, however, it seems pretty good, although pretty short odds)(skybet)
  • Beckham 2 or more – 15/2 (365)
  • Kenny Britt o53.5 rec yards – 10/11 (skybet)

If you can get above evens on u7.5 1st quarter points, then go for it, London games, because of the players adapting to the fact it’s 630am their time, tend to start slow, currently you can get around evens for u21.5 first half points, which i’m tempted with, but don’t feel confident enough to recommend.

Hopefully we’ll get off to a good start for the later Sunday matches, tips up for them tomorrow once the bookies sort their shit out and post their prices.

Good luck to all watching. Big UK match is next week, tips will have to be up early as I won’t be doing a thing on the Sunday other than drinking eating and standing in my seat at Wembley with Jay and Andy, a proper touchdowntips.com day out.

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