MNF Week 8 – Vikings at Bears – @TouchdownTips

What a game at Wembley! The second draw in a week and I can tell you now my throat is killing me from all the shouting. I’m working on a short write up for the site, so i’ll chuck that up tomorrow when i’m finished with it and not mention too much more about it now. Bets-wise I had a pretty damn good night again, finishing 15 points up on the night thanks to a few nice winners. The Pats easily beat the -6.5 handicap against the Bills who kindly allowed Gillislee to get himself a TD, we had that at 2/1. The Falcons unfortunately let us down on their handicap scraping a 1 point win against the Packers, that let down the handicap treble as well as the later match saw the Cowboys beat their handicap in OT with a Witten TD to take the game by 6 points. Rodgers got over his 25.5 completion line, and landed our NAP, short-ish odds for me, but a win is a win, and that was our 5 point bet at 20/27. My one bigger bet for the Dallas match was Dak Prescott anytime at 11/2, he duely obliged by scoring the first of the match after 11 mins of action. Lovely. Mike Evans, annoyingly had a week off and didn’t get his usual TD, which meant that the next best bet failed, and also killed the double. Devontae Booker got his though at 5/4 and looks like he’ll be the main RB there and should get 80% of the plays at RB there. Keep an eye on him in future weeks, if he’s around Evens he’s a good play. CJ Fiedorowicz was available in places at 14/5 and he scored for the Texans against the Lions. Tight ends all score against the Lions (except Zach Ertz) Barnidge didn’t get into the end zone though which again stopped the double. So we made a decent profit on the day with some nice winners at pretty good odds. But couldn’t link any which would of given a big profit on the day.

This week the powers that be have decided that the Bears will grace our screens for the 4th time this season, despite them being a stinking pile of trash. They start this week with Jay Cutler back under centre, he wasn’t due to be back this week until they found out that Brian Hoyer broke his arm last week against the Packers. Magically he’s now alive again and playing tonight. When asked if the coach had faith in him, he replied with “He’s got no choice.” That pretty much sums up the situation in Chicago at the moment. His return however should mean an increase in targets for Alshon Jeffrey who was largely ignored by Hoyer in preference for Cameron Meredith. He has proved himself a useful player with Hoyer, but I couldn’t tell you how he’ll be used now Cutler is back. At RB Jonathon Howard had been putting up some decent numbers, but they are seemingly desperate for a committee there, and Ka’Deem Carey has been increasing his numbers recenlty and looks like he’s actually gone past Howard in carries and efficiency. So there’s nothing there for us. Zach Miller has done his job at tight end, and linked well with Hoyer when he first came in, again that’s dropped off a bit, but it wouldn’t be a shock to see him do something with Cutler.

The Vikings lost their first match of the season last week, with the Eagles taking advantage of their beaten up O-Line to get pressure on Sam Bradford all game, meaning he finished with a below average 24/41 for 224 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT. They’re struggling to get the running game established this season, not surprisingly given that AP went down before the start of the season. Jerrick McKinnon and Matt Asiata have been doing ok without impressing too much and it looks like Asiata will be the main man tonight with McKinnon out injured. This will probably also give Ronnie Hillman some looks, they signed him a month or so ago now so he should of earnt some plays by now, and he’ll probably get 10 or so carries tonight. Cordarelle Patterson has been given a role in recent weeks. That however, won’t carry on this week, he’s out with concussion which means the main threats in the passing game will be Rudolph at TE, Diggs and Thielen at WR. Diggs has struggled to get back to form after injury. But he started the season on fire, and if he gets it back he’ll have a good game.

Asiata anytime – 21/20 – 2pts – 2 or more – 7/1 1pt (both 365), Vikings -4.5 points 21/20 (4pts) , Hillman anytime 11/1 – 2pts

9 pts for the night. Good Luck

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