Week 14 – MNF – Minnesota Vikings @ Seattle Seahawks – #Skol v #seahawks

What a night for the NFL last night, some crazy results, and some crazy TD scorers, I stuck with short priced guys in general and missed out on some possible big wins, but we still hit 5 out of 7 from the tips in the summary, all 3 of the player props came in and Chubb and Adams both scored for us as well!

I have watched the loop on the Patrick Mahomes no look pass a number of times, have honestly never seen anything like that, it was amazing. As was the play at the end of that game as the Chiefs managed to pull one out of the bag. The Ravens blitzed a lot and kept the Chiefs at bay for most of the game, but much like he did in Denver, Mahomes figured it out in the end.

And oh my god. The end in the Miami game?! A 69 yard, hook and ladder, double lateral leaving Kenyan Drake (who was originally looking to lateral as well) to run the final 52 yards past Gronk who was back there trying to defend what they stupidly thought would be a hail mary. Safe to say he had no chance at all of stopping Drake in the open field and the Dolphins won by a point!

The Jets won at the death as well against the Bills, Elijah McGuire, who I was looking at in-play when Crowell was announced as OUT, but left it alone for some reason, ran in from a few yards out after a few cracking plays by Sam Darnold.

The Saints had 3 points at half time, but the knee injury that Jameis got at the end of the half seemed to slow them and the blocked punt by “Quarterback” Taysom Hill changed the entire game and with the momentum the Saints turned it around on both defense and offense to win 28-14

The Browns game was great too, Baker Mayfield looks the real deal, Chubb scored again and Landry got one on the ground and on through the air. The Panthers have the Saints twice in the last 3 weeks and their hopes of making the playoffs now look dead in the water.

The Packers blew out the Falcons after falling behind, putting up 34 straight points before sitting back and allowing a few garbage scores for the Falcons. Rodgers did well enough without Mike (not Mick) McCarthy coaching, only 196 and 2 TDs, but 44 rushing as well for him and the throw to Cobb for his second was perfect. Aaron “the Welshman” Jones scored again as well.

The Giants destroyed the retired Washington Redskins who started Mark Sanchez. Bad idea that… 6 of 14 for 38 yards and 2 picks, one of them a pick 6. That must be the last time we see of him. Apparently the loss of Beckham didn’t matter to the Giants who had their way with the ‘skins, Barkley is the real deal, he had 179 yards at half time, and knocked off a 78 yard run for a TD. Eli did all he needed, 3 TDs to the Shepard brothers and Bennie Fowler (who I mentioned but I thought had lost his value) – Oh, and Kyle Lauletta was giving some reps. Turns out he may not be ready for a start just yet – 0 from 5 attempts and an INT.

The Colts beat the Texans. After a slow start they pulled out a 10 point lead which was closed at the end by Houston but realistically they had no chance, 24-21 to them.

And that’s about the end of my recollection of the night. The Bengals let the Chargers score with both opening drives but actually turned up for once, led by Joe Mixon who has been brilliant this year on a losing team behind a shitty O-Line. Definitely a bright spot for the team. Chargers only won by 5pts – 26-21

Apparently Big Ben tried to do his over-dramatic-hero thing, exiting the game with Josh Dobbs coming in. Ben stood on the sideline watching on until his team went behind with the idea that he comes on and saves the day. Well, he helped them get a TD but they lost to a late field goal to the horrible Raiders team (Who will probably beat the Bengals next week) 24-21 to the Raiders.

The Cowboys. Jesus fucking Christ. Dak Prescott – 455 yards?! I would never in a million years seen that coming. Amari Cooper looks like the player people thought he should be when he was drafted finishing with 217 and 3 TDs including the walk-off winner in overtime. They far outgained the Eagles but apparently it was the worst 455 yard performance by a QB for a long time. Crazy shit. 29-23 Cowboys.

And finally (Lions v Cards is only getting this much) The Chicago Bears proved that it being very cold and having a brilliant defense is the key to beating the Rams. They ground out a win with 4 INTs on Goff taking them to 25 interceptions, more than they had in the previous 3 years combined! They’re a better version of the Jaguars from last year, Trubisky is there but doesn’t do much (110 yards and a fat guy TD to Bradley Sowell), and doesn’t need to as the defense is doing it all at the moment. It may well end in similar fashion in the playoffs, but fair play to them so far! 15-6 to the Bears.

All in all a brilliant Sunday night of football, hopefully the game tonight can finish the weekend off in style.

Oh shit, I didn’t even mention the 49ers game! The Broncos needed the win and didn’t get it, in part due to 210 first half yards by George Kittle! The second most for a tight end in NFL history. Really should have remembered that!

Minnesota Vikings (+3) @ Seattle Seahawks: 46

This is a key game for the NFC wild card picture as well, the Vikings have disappointed me, and the stats on Cousins on the road against teams with a winning record is something definitely worth keeping an eye on. It’s not pretty for him! I had them as my Superbowl winner so I’m a little gutted about it! The Seahawks give up yards to pass catching backs and Dalvin Cook is a very good one when fit, and to that point, o24.5 receiving yards looks like a heck of a bet on Skybet. Stefon Diggs should be fitter this week too, he clearly wasn’t ready last time out, he and Thielen are one of the best 1-2s in the league when healthy and will be essential for them tonight. I’ve randomly picked CJ Ham from nowhere at 33/1 on 365. He’s a full back for the Vikings, and has randomly had 3 receptions in the last 2 weeks.

I have just read that the Seahawks give up the most yards per play at home this year, teams can move the ball but their redzone defense has been brilliant.

The Seahawks will run and run and run, then Wilson will throw 3 TDs from 10 pass attempts. They’re a weird team and it’s tough to figure out how they’ve won so many games, they’re just insanely efficient at the moment! The Vikings defense is good though, so it will be interesting. In fact I’m not even sure on any player props for them to be honest, you can’t realistically take any of the passing game when the QB completes so few passes in a game. The rushing game is muddled due to Chris Carson dislocating his finger last week, it’s the main reason I think Rashaad Penny might be worth a shot at 7/2 to score. He played well when he came in last week. 7 attempts for 65 yards and a TD. He can break off big runs! – I have said that the passing game is tough to get right and against a solid secondary as well, but Tyler Lockett has 9 TDs this year. In 9 different games. He’s only failed in 3 games, so 7/4 seems too good a price to overlook for me. Ed Dickson is one of their 2 tight ends, he’s been rising in snaps each week so I’ll have a shot at 10/1 on him anytime as well.

I have no idea who’s winning this one, I’d lean to the Seahawks at home, apparently they’ve won their last 10 vs the NFC North and 3 points isn’t a huge handicap.

  • Dalvin Cook o24.5 rec. yards – 5/6 (Skybet) – 4 points
  • Tyler Lockett anytime – 7/4 – 2pts
  • Ed Dickson anytime – 10/1 (365) – 1pt
  • CJ Ham anytime – 33/1 (365) – 1pt
  • Rashaad Penny – 7/2 (PP) – 1pt

9 points total for me.

Good Luck if you’re on anything, and thanks for reading!

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