TDTips fantasy leagues are here!

Pre-season games are here, we’re all getting a look at the rookies and 3rd stringers and over-reacting to every little thing that anyone does, finally some football and some (over)EXCITEMENT is here. After last night I’m definitely drafting Christian Wade in leagues after he showed how fast he can run untouched in pretty much a straight line (yes I’m a cynic and it’s an amazing achievement to even step foot on a field let alone score a TD)

So I’ll be getting around to setting up the TouchdownTips fantasy leagues, last year we had 2 free leagues, a paid league and a paid bestball league, and while I didn’t win any it was fun competing against the community that’s been building year on year in the UK.

Last year I provided a few prizes for the winners of the free leagues, I believe BritVicMaher won one and got herself a @MyTouchdownBox as the prize. I’ll look to do similar again and will work on something to give as a prize through the next few weeks!

This year I’ll be looking at the same thing with as many as we can fill;


The Re-draft leagues will be over on Sleeper as that’s where all the cool kids seem to hang out these days, and in fairness it’s a good app which is constantly evolving and improving. – If you haven’t got a Sleeper account you can sign up through this Sleeper link and create a free account, doing it through this link should also help Tim over at the Full10yards whom I do the weekly betting podcast with.

They will be 12 team, 0.5 PPR leagues with fairly standard rosters – I’ll probably ditch the Kicker and Defense and replace them with an additional flex spot…

  • 1 QB
  • 2 RB
  • 2 WR
  • 1 TE
  • 2 RB/WR/TE Flex spots
  • 8 Bench spots

They will be slow drafts as it’s a pain in the arse trying to get 12 people available all at the same time. Basically you’ll get emailed whenever it’s your turn to pick and you’ll have 8 hours to do that, there’s also good notification settings on Sleeper and people can @ you on there should you need reminding, so hopefully it should all go smoothly!

The Bestball leagues will take place on MFL – will be identical rosters, but 12 man benches – If you’ve not played Bestball before, it’s basically DRAFTING ONLY – You draft your guys and each week the site picks the best scoring roster you’d have been able to put out – They’re great for Degenerates such as myself who want action everywhere without having to pay attention to it over the season.

The Paid leagues will be £10 entry – £90 to the winner, £20 to the second and £10 to myself to keep this site free and providing top notch content throughout the year. (Pays for the .com and as well as the many hours per week I put in)

If you want to get involved, then either tweet me, DM me on twitter – @touchdowntips or drop me an email – with which leagues you want to be involved in and I’ll get you on the list, after the August bank holiday (still gives about 2 weeks to get teams drafted) I’ll check numbers and get invites sent out to whichever league you want to be involved in!

I think that’s all the information that’s really needed, if there’s anything else then drop me a line and happy drafting!

I love this time of the year!


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