Some “interesting” request-a-bets – @FootbawlTips

While looking into tomorrow nights opening game I noticed that SkyBet had priced up a decent number of request a bets at varying prices, and I think I could make an arguement for a few of them seeming to be quite good value, I won’t be recommending any for the site, as they’re obviously very longshots, but thought i’d at least give them a mention and if people want to follow then go ahead.

AP most rushing yards, Ezekiel Elliot OROY and Antonio Brown most Rec. yards – 40/1

Now, these 3 lead the markets in all their categories, AP should carry on regardless, Sam Bradford has been brought in to stand there and hand the ball to him. Elliott is odds on for that award, and with Romo out half the season you’d expect that he’ll carry a lot of the load. Antonio Brown has probably 2 or 3 competitors for the most Receiving yards in the season (Julio, Odell, Green maybe) – Brown is the only real option for Big ben in the first 3 games, by far and away the no.1 by quite some distance over the likes of Heywood-Bey, Coates, and a few other assorted widemen. – Without being able to put them into a treble in most places, I think that’s pretty good value.

Gurley, Zeke and AP all to rush o1500.5 yards – 40/1

Another teasing one for me, mainly for the reasons above, all 3 have essentially no QB and will be asked to carry the load for their teams, if Gurley had played all 16 games last year he would of broken that mark, Peterson was only 15 yards shy, with a likely increased workload especially while Bradford learns the playbook and Elliott is going to be a 3 down back with a huge workload.

Gurley most Rush yards, AJ Green most Rec. Yards and Aaron Rodgers most passing yards – 750/1

Now, I want to state first and foremost, this is a homer pick, I’m a Bengals fan, and just seeing 750/1 made me look twice at this. I believe the Gurley could easily end up no.1 in rushing. AJ Green will be getting a large workload in a Bengals offence that lost 2 wideouts and will have those targets to spread around, do I think he’ll get the most receiving yards? In all likeliness, no, but there’s a small chance he will, and the Packers are predicted by a lot of people to be the highest scoring team in the NFL, they’ll have to do some of that through the air… surely? – Do I think this bet will win? Probably not, would I throw away a couple of quid? Yeah, why the hell not.


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